Thursday, 31 October 2013

France 1940: Return to Tagnon (WWII Battlefront Scenario) 2

The Defence of Neuflize:

The German Motorcycle Battalion heads in a condensed (artillery target if ever there was one, why is it you never have a FOO when you need one) spear formation down the road (see below):

Note: In defence to the initial French initial deployments they were taken out of my control and the set-up by the neutral(?) umpire. I would have dearly loved to have ambushed those motor cyclists in the woods or laid an artillery barrage on them. "Cest le Guerre"  

The Germans pay a derisory visit to the village behind Tagnon with an armoured car squadron of 222's and 221's (see below):

The bulk of the German Panzer Battalion, two light companies in advance and a medium company bringing up the rear,  sweeps round to attempt an end-run (see below): 

The German High Command are in good spirits (see below):

A more pragmatic mood holds sway in the German Regimental "Medical Field Clearing Station" (see below):

Meanwhile the French High Command are (typically) all in a dither lost in an 'intelligence vacuum' of their own making (see below):

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Al said...

Great early war goodness Geordie, actually doing a wee bit of research for something similar myself

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Looking forward to seeing your game in the larger 20mm then


The early "clanky tank" period holds a strange fascination with me too