Tuesday, 12 November 2013

France 1940: Return to Tagnon (WWII Battlefront Scenario) 7

The German Panzer Commander considers a problem: 

The German Panzer Battalion rides through a slight (noisy) artillery barrage and for want of other targets attempts a "close assault" (i.e. overrun attack) on a French AT gun (see below):  

The attack is successful in classic "Blitzkrieg" style (see below):

But where to go next as the side-streets with ample infantry cover and Panhard 25mm AT guns looks less than inviting. The infantry target at the rear of Alincourt will invite side-shots from those previously mentioned Panhards! (see below):

What you need is some motorised or armoured infantry to perform a combined arms assault, however all you see as far as the eye can see if "panzers" in a rather large traffic jam of their own making (see below):

The Panzer commander is faced with an intriguing problem in as much as, he does not want Alincourt but rather teh bridge over the river at Alincourt. So how does he set about getting it?

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