Thursday, 7 November 2013

France 1940: Return to Tagnon (WWII Battlefront Scenario) 5

Storming Neuflize: 

The stormy barrage of smoke and HE lifts to reveal a totally disorganised battle field. Dazed French and German soldiers stagger about aimlessly amongst the town ruins and shattered tree-line. Barking officers and NCOs soon bring them back to a semblance of order and intent, but both sides have suffered and are licking wounds (see below): 

After a small pause the Germans are "all-in" with a bold frontal infantry assault (see below):

That is, only to be met with a hail of accurate French defensive fire. The French trade briskly at a 3:1 ratio of casualties (ow!). The German commander seems quite unmoved in respect to the losses and with sinister deliberation moves up the "mysterious column" of German Hanomag 251's to a strategic jumping off position (see below): 

Mean while on the French right Flank: 

In Alincourt the Panhard armoured cars take up defensive positions in alleys and barricaded streets to support the infantry company garrison (see below):

They will need all the help they can get as "something evil this way comes" in the shape of a charging German Panzer Division (see below):

Just to tickle and attract their attention the French FOO in the village calls down some defensive artillery in the form of some friendly 155mm that have miraculously come "on net". The artillery have been bedevilled by orders, counter-orders, harassing from the Luftwaffe but have finally got themselves established in a fire base ready for action. This is the best news the French commander has received all game to date.  


Al said...

Do some close ups of the kit for us Geordie? Nice one man

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

sadly the Luftwaffe have kept the French reconnaissance planes at a high altitude

I will request lower passes when we play the third phase of the battle