Friday, 23 November 2018

Fighter Duel Part II

A second try out with the Fighter Duel rules by Phil Sabin and I discovered that you will need 'quite a large board' area if you are going to use 1/144 model planes and get into a weaving and circling dogfight! Something the author admittedly had pointed out to me as he used small board game counters on a small-hexed large-gameboard-sheet rather than models. For me I needed the models [which I like making] for "a better sense of visualisation". I scripted a scenario where a veteran Me 109 tried to "bounce" two RAF "old hands" from behind (which should be a hard thing to do). The Me 109 managed to get one "poor chance shot off" but the Spitfires having survived the initial attack 'out-turned' the diving Me 109 and spun away. This seemed quite reasonable. Novice Spitfire pilots perhaps might have got themselves into a bit of bother. The game holds a lot of promise and I will continue experimenting (see below, the Me 109 curses the nimble Spits):

This is the scenario I am working up to an "early war" RAF Vic three formation and a Luftwaffe "Finger Four" head-to-head combat (see below):

Watch this space for more play-testing as I put two game mats together! Note, the blue below obviously implies they are fighting over "The Channel" ;)

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