Tuesday, 12 February 2019

(Big Game) Ramillies "All that remained of the Original Cavalry, Faces Off in a Third of the Original Space" [Game 7] Post #9

On night four (I kid you not) of the Ramillies re-fight I forgot my iPhone so was bereft of pictures, thankfully my erstwhile French opponent providing me with the following stills from the night. Naturally there is more of a French narrative of their "heroic" cavalry arm. As seen from the first still, the heroic French are seen attacking the Allied cavalry, both sides reeling from disorder after a bloody and confused melee (see below, bottom middle, the Prussian Guard laying disorganised and a tempting target at the top of the photograph):

A wider perspective sees the last two fresh French cavalry units (bottom left and middle) ready "to go" at Allied tempting targets. The (disorganised) Prussian Guard and a unit of "pistol armed" Dutchmen (see below, behind these boys and off camera Bavarian curassier can be heard approaching):

A closer to the ground view of the same scenario (see below, the cavalry will probably go and "charge" if asked but what will return afterwards - the destruction of units for little or no gain has been quite sobering):

The French cameraman seemed to be particularly captivated with this scene as this photograph again shows the same scene from a slightly different angel (see below, no dice had been thrown so perhaps "the General" was merely taking stock of the situation):

Compulsory moves are about to be taken and charges declared. The retiring Allied Cavalry (middle right) will open the gate for another Allied unit (of mounted Dragoons) to press the mass of disorganised French (see below, bottom right):

Three charges are declared: the Allied Dragoons charge and the first line of French perform a disorganised counter-charge; The Prussian Guard is set upon but in their turn manage to counter-charge disorganised and finally two fresh units (far left below) sink their teeth into each other (see below, so add another three charge combats to all the numerous others that have already gone before):

Combat is still hot on the French right (and Allied Left) flank. The assault on the village has already depleted two units of French Dragoons (to half strength or below) in the viscous firefight with the barricaded defenders. The final Dutch Guard cavalry unit (though disorganised) sees the dismounted French Dragoons as "fair game" or rather "a easy kill"(see below, the ensuing rather complicated formulation to work out charge mechanics [as the Dutch Guard attack the mounted Dragoons retire (as indicated by their morale result) but on foot or mounted - but regardless they were 'caught'] and the French Dragoons destroyed. Another unit of retiring French Dragoon unit mount up withing range of the defenders (oops!) and too are sent below half strength. All in all that village has cost the French dear, four fresh units of Dragoons. Albeit poor mounted cavalry they still would have been much more useful in a cavalry or mounted role elsewhere):

Meanwhile the hammer of combat takes place in the middle of the cavalry battle. The disorganised Prussian Guard still manage to fight their opponents to a standstill and retire; the disorganised French are routed but the fresh French versus fresh Allied are victorious and set off in pursuit (see below, the French need a 'good' round of combats but are presented with a mixed bag - their reserves are near empty):

The battle as seen from the French rear baseline (see below, these French are rather prosaic with their photo journalism and mull over the same scene from many different angles):

A wider picture of the cavalry engagements, the fortified village is off camera to the far right (see below, note the charge on the French Dragoons is about to take place - far bottom right [the much maligned - by me - French unit of Hussars is the only cavalry reserve they have near the village, it may yet avenge the Dragoons in some subsequent combat]):

The Allied cavalry press forward and my second unit of especially painted of French cavalry faces me. Thankfully it has learnt well from the first unit and is bested in battle (see below, the fresh mounted Allied Dragoons top left, have scared off battered remnants of first line French cavalry, so they clearly have a genuine role):

At my request  I asked for a close-up of the valiant 'grey and red' unit in their first and only combat of the game (see below, all those many hours of painting were well worth it!):

Seen to the far top left are the victorious pursuing French cavalry - reaching (dangerously perhaps for them) the Allied baseline. Will they hit a volley from the first line of Allied infantry or the first wave of the fresh Allied Reserve Cavalry deployed in line appearing (far top left). You win, but then again you expose yourself to deadly danger! (see below, the rules seem to promote "a last man standing - winner takes all" result table):

The second wave of cavalry (for both sides) in now all but spent (it has been a bloody affair in horse and men) .. yet the battle goes on!

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