Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Easter Adventure with Soldiers in Silloth - Museum of 54 mm Magic

Easter holiday fun! The good people of Silloth obviously have some RAF (or Coastal Command) as shown by this Lockheed Hudson ornamented flower bed (see below): 

They also had an interesting museum, whose opening times posed a little bit of a challenge but I managed to get in to see their wears on Good Friday (see below):

Waterloo in 54mm looked spectacular - although I am currently assembling some 28mm Perry's and Victrix chaps whom I consider big (see below, I have to say it "worked" for me, maybe Sharp Practice 2 beckons):

The ACW was more the toy soldiers I remembered as a kid, but not this many (see below, not too sure what the Union gunners are doing at the bottom of the photograph):

These Franco=Prussian "Flats" were the closest is cam to seeing 'wargamers scale' (unless you have become infected by Tim Gow's dangerous past-tines - and don't tell him I have a couple of 54mm Tamiya WWI Tommies partly painted). You have to 'look twice' before you see they are not 3D - or catch them from the side (see below):

The Western Desert looked potentially doable for Chain of Command - but you would need a very large table (see below, I love the Matilda II and Grant - though off camera to the left is a **mm Flak Gun which may well spoil their day): 

To my delight (not so the wife) they had a "rake-out" selling odds and sods. So I picked myself up some very old Practical Wargamer magazines (see below, I was more RPG'ing as an undergrad in those days so missed this magazine the first time round):

I have to say they were all crammed (literally tightly packed type-face) full of interesting stuff. Perhaps my tastes are now wiser or the content in the modern mags is more focused on plenty of photogenic materials and historical detail light (or am I being cynical?). Nice catch methinks.

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