Monday, 15 April 2019

RPG Nostalgia: Gary Gygax Biography - Audible Book

I indulged myself in a nostalgic trip to before my roots in RPG when Dungeons and Dragons was but a twinkle in Gary Gygax's and Dave Arneson's eyes (see below, I loved it and it fleshed out the back story to the evolution of the game system):

Interestingly Gary Gygax was also an avid board and war gamer. Avalon Hill's Gettysburg was a favourite of his. On the morning of Gencon One he tip-toed across his front room, trying not to tread on sleeping bags of dozing fellow gamers and the 1/1200 scale models from the previous nights Fletcher Pratts sea battles! Respect. In fact Gencon One seemed to be as much wargaming (WWI Dogfights and Napoleonic Sea Fights) as well as Chain-Mail with its Fantasy Supplement!


MrF said...

Nice one, I shall have to gt this from Audible.

We use to play a lot of AD&D back n the 80's, good memories. Though I was mainly the DM for the VAST majority of games as I had the better 'gaming vision'. I've still got loads of the original modules stored away.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It was really informative
I also never appreciated hove much a board gamer and historical gamer Gary Gygax was during his life