Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Bucket List Update 2019

These are not late New Years Resolutions  but are things to do in what remains of 2019!
Added 16/03/2019
Update 19/05/2019

Games Systems to Play: 
  • Impetus 2 [WIP] Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • SAGA 2 [WIP] Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • [Done] DBA Version 3 [Yes]
    • Waiting now on Biblical Armies and influences by Alexandros and Lost Battles approach to Ancients
  • What a Tanker 
    • Need to beg a friend (Renko?) to play this with me!
  • Chain of Command
    • Need to beg a friend (Renko?) to play this with me!
  • Cruel Seas [WIP]
    • Waiting to play but will benefit from rule clarifications - still painting the models
  • AH Panzer Blitz Tabletop Conversion [YES]
    • France 1940
  • Command Decision
    • This one is on me! The question is whether to use 1/200 - 10mm or what I historically collected for this game 20mm (think it will be the former)
  • Recon (Vietnam Skirmish) RPG [WIP] Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • Mortal Gods 28mm Ancient Skirmish [WIP]
    • Currently basing the 28mm Hoplites
Board Games to Play: 
  • Command Magazine #10: Alexandros [Done]
    • Done - Play test and game
    • Plan to re-cock game at Gaugemala and figure out how to win as a Macedonian and then take on the rest of the world
  • Avalon Hill's France 1940: Queued up to do .. post AH Panzer Blitz
  • Command Magazine #42 Blitzkrieg 1940: Queued up to do .. post AH Panzer Blitz
  • GMT Games: Victory In The West: Plan Yellow: Queued up to do .. post AH Panzer Blitz
  • Command Magazine #14 Midway [Done]
    • Now assembling the Navwar 1/3000 scale Fleets
  • Avalon Hill: Sink the Bismarck: Queued up to do ...
    • Getting ready for simultaneous online gaming/blogging community playing multiple games (being arranged by David Manly)
      • Fletcher Pratt 1:1200
      • GQII: 1/3000
  • GMT Games: A Distant Plain: Queued up to do ...
    • Local Player Interest ... 
  • Fire-Move Battalion Attack
    • Arranged for Connections UK 2019
Places to Go: 
  • Conference of Wargamers 2019
    • Presenting - Sleeping Satellite Game
  • Connections UK 2019
    • Running FireMove Battalion Attack game
    • Helping with Sleeping Satellite game
  • Stockton Battleground 2019 Wargames Show [WIP]
    • Helping a friend stage Leipzig in 10mm
New Periods to Paint:
  • 1/300 WWII Naval - Cruel Seas Inertia/Interest Problem ...
    • E-Boat Construction/paint [WIP]
    • MTB Construction/Painting [WIP]
    • PT-Boat Construction/Painting [WIP]
  • 6mm Era I Biblical - DBA Version 3
    • Hittites (I/24) [YES]
    • New Kingdom Egyptians (I/22) [WIP]
  • 10mm Western Desert - AH Panzer Blitz Tabletop Conversion Queued up to do ...
  • 15mm Malburian Inertia/Interest Problem ...
    • The Battle of Malplaquet [Done]
    • Malburian Armies to paint .. Queued up to do.
  • 28mm Dark Ages - SAGA 2 Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 28mm Malburian - "Rule Set to be Determined" 
    • [Done] Battle of Ramillies
    • AH Rule Set Conversion .. Hexes [WIP]
  • 28mm Napoleonics [WIP]
    • French Infantry (Perry/Victrix)
    • French Hussar (Warlord/Perry)
    • British Infantry (Victrix)
  • 28mm WWII American GIs (Perry) [WIP]
Old Friends to Finish Off/Play:
  • 1/200 and 10mm Early War WWII - AH Panzer Blitz Tabletop Conversion Queued up to do ...
    • British Infantry and Armour Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 10mm Late War WWII Queued up to do ...
    • 1943-45 American Infantry Platoon Inertia/Interest Problem ...
    • 1943-45 British Infantry Platoon Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 15mm Ancients - DBA Version 3 [Done]
    • Early Acheamenid Persians - 7Hd Required Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 15mm WWII - What a Tanker [WIP] Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 20mm WWII - What a Tanker, Chain of Command Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 28mm Ancients - Impetus 2 Inertia/Interest Problem ...
  • 28mm Italian Wars - Impetus 2 Inertia/Interest Problem ...
    • Light Cavalry and Pike Blocks required


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


That is quite some list!

Good luck with managing to achieve a large chunk of it over the next few years.

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

If you are taking a session to COW you might like to send the details to the conference organiser in the next week or so!

Ian said...


I hope Malplaquet ticked a box or two.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Remember Bob - that buckets can also have holes in them ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Tim
Hopefully up to date with the paper work now

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Tim
Hopefully up to date with the paper work now