Sunday, 19 May 2019

Defending The Rock: Book (Nicholas Rankin)

Along with looking in awe at Enigma Machines and the architecture of the British Library "inner space" I succumbed to buying  book from the British Library Bookshop - I think it was the trauma of being n a library and not being able to "browse"aisles of books (see below, I have his other books on Churchill's Wizards and Ian Fleming's Commandos, but confession I have not yet read them ):

I was fascinated by the premise of the book - Hitler regretted not taking Gibraltar in 1940 and blamed that action in 1945 for 'losing the war'. Fascinating reading. A nice little book that you can jump around and don't have to read sequentially. The chapters being more 'short stories' than strict chronology. The German analysis activities in 1940 were fascinating!

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