Wednesday, 15 May 2019

France 1940 - Panzer Blitz Rules (Play Test) - Hexes and Models (Part 2 of 3) A Hail of Fire

The Germans regroup and rally from the devastating 75mm artillery barrage (see below, the Medium Panzer Company is the on;y unit on the German OoB that can take on the French S-35 Company):

All German tanks within range assault the hill with the S-35 Company, Mediums (Pz III, Pz IV) to the front and Light (Pz I, Pz II) to the flank  (see below, this head on attack will be a "all or nothing" - no damage as the armour of the S-35's is simply too tough):

The return fire from the S-35's is effective (see below, the clanking of the German shells on the S-35 turret sides at short range is off putting to the French Commander):

The French counterattack with all their armour for an almighty gang-bang of a battle (see below, French Panhards and R-35s move into combat range - no firing after a full move):

The last German Light Panzer Company along with teh Battalion Command is committed in hope of forcing the S-35s off the hill (see below, this head-on tactic seems doomed to failure):

Two Pz Is break off and flank the French hill top running into a French infantry Platoon and overrunning it (see below, the overrun assault shifts the combat heavily in the armour's favour): 

The French Infantry is no more (see below, triumphant Pz Is, not a sight you see everyday): 

With plenty of movement left the Pz Is execute another attack on an unfortunate French Infantry Platoon (see below, the war will be over in a matter of hours at this rate): 

Again the result is a devastating loss for the French Infantry Platoon (see below, if only there was a propaganda film crew were to hand):

The downside is that the tanks are now in direct line of sight to the French 75mm Field Guns which open fire on their turn (see below, the French 75mm gun is equally effective in the direct fire capacity):

The result is predictable and results in two burning Pz Is (see below, one of the perils of being alone in the enemy's back field is that you can be picked off):

Elsewhere the Light German Panzers fight it out with the Light French Armour trading blows (see below, French Panhards and Pz IIs burn):

The remaining German armour regroup and gather their strength outside the effective gun range of the S-35s (see below, three German Panzer companies have been reduced to a composite Panzer Company):

The S-35 seems to be a "super tank" - a Stuka or artillery barrage will be required to shift them.

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