Monday, 20 May 2019

Late to the Party: Using a Daylight Bulb

I have previously owned one daylight bulb and used it to good effect, but sadly lapsed back into bad ways. No more, back to the path of the straight and narrow. Perhaps it will be remembered as the best £7 I ever spent in my life for a light bulb. This being a "daylight light bulb" from Hobby Craft  - it was kind of an impulse buy - but one I am glad to have made (see below, the before - normal (9W LED bulb) but casting a slightly yellow tinge to everything):

The after with a whiter foam head on the Guinness (see below, the 60W equivalent [in old bulb wattage not new LED ones], being whiter and brighter):

Can you spot the difference? All I can say is that the difference is dramatic in real-life. The strain from painting seems far less on my eyes which is a good thing with advancing age. So it was just as well Hobby Craft lacked anything interesting (kit-based) to me in the modelling section.


Red_Cardinal said...

Daylight bulbs are much better generally since they simulate daylight (natch) which is good all-round for us humans. I suggest installing them everywhre in the house. Daylight LED bulbs are available for about £6.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Daylight lighting may "slowly expand"