Tuesday, 25 June 2019

1/72 ArmourFast M18 Hellcat US Tank Destroyer WWII

This made me a happy man, a US 20mm WWII M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer (see below, a long lost prize is found):

The M10 Wolverine and M36 Jackson have been acquired but I held getting the M18 as it was only available in expensive metal to my knowledge. I think now my WWII US Tank Collection is complete .. unless you want an M6 or T14. The kit is quick and simple to build (see below, it is a boon getting two kits in a box):

These will be perfect for those late 1944-45 battles into the Reich (see below, now get on with that painting):

My wish list of "tanks I want to get" (in 20mm) now is reduced to:

  • American: None (Note: I am foolishly forgetting about the Pacific)
  • British: Archer Tank Destroyer (probably end up getting a metal one)
  • German: Pz II FlammPanzer (Pink Flamingo), Pz I "Heavy" Tank, Dicker Max SP Gun, (another) 35t, Pz IIIC
  • French: To be fair "numerous" ones from Early War Miniatures inclusing a Char 2c
  • Soviet: Aerosans
  • Japanese: "Various little Tankettes", Type 28
  • Hungarian: Turan
  • Italian: L6, L3-33, M11/39

Not that big(ish) a list anymore!


JohnM said...

I need one of these for my US Ardennes forces. It looks a nice sturday kit Geordie.

Jim Jackaman said...

It's a neat little kit but definitely needs some stowage...I piled it on with mine and it makes a big difference.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I can recommend it JohnM and thanks for the stowage tip Jim Jackaman I will do!