Friday, 21 June 2019

Re-purposed - Science Fiction Acquisition

For a canny quid it was worth a punt from the shelves of Boyes, of far-eastern origin (the manufacturer was called "build and Play"), obvious low quality but I sense it could be re-purposed for Science Fiction. It was supposed to be a Netherlands YPR-765 APC (see below, but is looks horribly squished and elongated - proportions all wrong): 

A photo of the real thing on the box art:

But not what came out of it:

From the side you can see the (far too) low profile which. Still I think it has a redeeming futuristic feel (I am thinking you can paint it gloss white and weather it) that could be incorporated in my 15mm Star Gruntz Yaeter Army (see below, it is made of really horrid plastic so I "clarted" it together with cheap superglue):

They also had some WW2 vehicles - but the less said about them the better (e.g. the wheel configuration on the JagdTiger was the same as the Panzer IV). 

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