Sunday, 16 June 2019

World of Warships: Legends .. has been distracting me as of late

I have been rather distracted of late playing World of Warships Legends on the 'family' PS4 (after wrenching the controls from my teenage son). I was interested in World of Tanks but frankly got bored but there seems to be more mystic appeal to watching the excellent 3-D real-time imagery (see below, to get a feel of the concept art - I won't bore everybody with screen-shots):

It has caught the 'modeller' appeal in me, although apart from Guadalcanal destroyer battles of 1942 I am stretched to think of island battle with destroyers, cruisers and battleships. Open sea battle squadrons it is not but fun it is, although I growl when I see battleships reversing for tactical advantage! Pity there is not a scenario editor.

Normal service .. may .. be resumed shortly!


Renko said...

We play the pc version which also has aircraft carriers. Its a fun game but populated by paper warships

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

"Paper warships" as never made it from the drawing board?

My issues is that I would like to see it on the "open seas" as opposed to island hiding!