Sunday, 18 August 2019

10mm Late WW2 British Infantry .. Starting Point (1) Preparation

Back to more usual hobby posts. I need a force of 10mm Pendrakon British Infantry to represent an infantry battalion for a WWII Fire and Movement game (see Phil Sabin from Simulating War) so out with the "silver legions" and time to paint some of the little beggars!

Step One: Remove flash by filing down, wash figures and then PVA glue them to a wooden strip, aka coffee stirrer (see below, although during the course of painting some figures dropped off, I used cheap super glue to reattach them):

Step Two: Undercoat in Airfix acrylic primer (see below, I stocked up on the Airfix primer once it came back into the shops):

Step Three: Added a Vallejo Brown Wash to act as a dark base which I can highlight over (see below,  for the basic force I need four infantry companies of three platoons each [12 stands], a mortar and HMG platoon as supports - plus a command base and PIAT base - although each infantry platoon had an integral PIAT, this was just an extra):

Getting started - often that's the hardest bit! Figures out of the loft and primed ready for painting and basing.


Norm said...

I have taken to using a drop of Copydex to attach figures to painting sticks. Being a latex sort of glue, it sets hard enough to stand the rigours of painting, but they detach OK and the ‘hardened’ glue can just be rubbed / rolled away.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I might just have to follow your suit

The only thing I remember about Copydex is the pungent smell of ammonia and the fact it seems to get everywhere and leave you peeling like crazy!

Dabbing it might be the way forwards!