Thursday, 22 August 2019

The Atlantic Wall in Belgium

My eldest brother and wife went on one of his many vacations and took some interesting pictures of the Atlantic Wall. I did not appreciate how much of whole coastline was defended, when you said Atlantic Wall I did not automatically think of Belgium.

For more information I can recommend the following web-site:

A ubiquitous 40mm Bofors a top of a bunker (see below):

A much bigger ordnance piece that I think would even trouble a cruiser (see below, I do admire the post WWII brickwork for health an safety reasons no doubt):

Methinks this is a Pak 40 waiting for Allied armour to come ashore on this stretch of beach (see below, I don't think much has changed in this viewpoint in seventy five years):

Another one of that "Big Beastie" of a gun (see below - a deluxe Airfix Coastal Defence Fortress(See below, I can almost visualise commandos scaling down the walls to place a hollow charge) :

Back to some more traditional hobby models and games next!

Back to some models now!

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