Tuesday, 3 December 2019


They are dark evil spirits (see below, Arifix Acrylic Primer, Vallejo Black Wash, Vallejo Wolf Grey and Citadel Base Stegadon Scale Geen - gives a good base foundation layer)

Time to play with the mid-tones (see below, Citadel Technical Nighthaunt Gloom over the light bits and then shading up with Wolf, using Citadel Layer Thunderhawk Blue to highlight the Stegadon, base charred brown and gun metal on other areas):

A touch of of the lighter highlights (see below, make those candles shine):

Before I play with the Citadel Technical Mordant Earth (which gives a broken textured base) I was taught a top tip by a member of the GW staff - paint the base in a light colour you want to seep through the base (see below, I chose the haunting light blue - the first five):

I almost left the bases as they stood as I liked the unearthly feel they had to them (see  below, adding an extra bit of highlight to these as I went along - the last five): 

Thrown into a mock encounter (see below, maybe the Cleric would prefer the Doggelgangers now):

I like the look and feel of the recent GW undead range as them have an excellant fantasy feel to them, useful for generic dungeon fodder!