Monday, 24 February 2020

Brexit and GMT Shipping: Consequences for Shipping Games from America

To quote from their last email newsletter: 

"A Brexit Update (Updated Feb. 20). As I mentioned last month, now that Brexit is a reality, we are modifying our Euro-friendly shipping fulfillment. Your online option won't change, but who ships it to you will most likely change (unless we see a UK-EU deal that agrees to no tariffs/VAT) sometime between now and the end of 2020. We have been working closely with our friends at Second Chance Games on our Euro-Friendly shipping option for quite some time now, and we really like them and the service they provide. We intend to work with them long-term on UK orders. But if paying tariffs and VAT are the reality as a result of Brexit, they won't be able to continue to ship at no added cost to our customers outside the UK. Our understanding from SCG is that they will still be able to fulfill our Euro-friendly orders in the EU as they have in the past throughout the rest of 2020. 

But we have to prepare for the end of 2020, so we're going to gradually begin separating out Euro-friendly orders from non-UK orders, one country at a time. We started with Germany on our recent shipments of The Hunters, The Hunted, and Silent Victory. We will send those orders just like we have done with SCG, except they'll come to you via UGG (whose offices are in Germany), who will be our longer-term provider of our Euro-Friendly shipping delivery for the rest of the EU. We want to start small with UGG to give them time to build their capacity and get used to working with our office throughout 2020. We'll test thoroughly and make sure all is good, adjusting as necessary. Then we'll add another country to go through UGG, and so on, until by the end of the year they are ready to handle all of our non-UK orders."

Oh for that land of unicorns! Alternatively an excuse to buy a boardgame from the US while the price remains constant!

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