Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Painting Italian 10mm Supports: ATG, HMG and Mortar

The bare silver supports based on 40mm and 30mm wooden discs (see below, ATG - Mortar - HMG):

The crews mounted on coffee stirrer strips (see below, those are quite hard to come by just now, gulp):

Primed with Airfix Acrylic Primer and washed in Vallejo Brown Dipping Wash (see below, this is following the standard infantry painting pattern):

The uniforms are done (see below, Vallejo Desert Yellow with Vallejo Buff mixed in for the highlights):

Supports are painted (see below, Vallejo Desert Yellow)

The crews follow the standard Italia Infantry painting scheme (see below, I am not sure how accurate but the HMGs went from black, to gunmetal, to washed black to dull down, to fine highlights of gunmetal):

The supports are ready for their base texturing (see below, the Italian Infantry seem to be well endowed with supports - the large figure in the background is a D&D Clay Golem monster that he was painting at the same time):

Next: Basing the supports and moving onto the Italian AFVs


A J said...

Nice work! That dipping wash gives a very effective result.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The power is certainly in the "wash" ;)