Monday, 6 April 2020

Four Books That Inspired: Three Read and One Reading (Starting)

For those who need wargaming book recommendations in this time of enforced isolation, here are my recommendations:

Matthew B Caffrey's "On Wargaming", the summation of this man's wargaming knowledge into a venerable tome of insight, essential reading - understand the past to understand the future and not repeat the mistakes of the past (see below, available FREE at

Winning a Future War is the definitive guide as to how the USN prepared to fight the Great Pacific War that they "knew" was coming. It explains the reason why the "Ticket to Manilla" was not recognised as a viable strategy in the opening gambit of WWII (see below, also available FREE from,

From a recreational perspective I loved the "Wargaming Compendium" as it hit the mark for inspiring and charming teh reader with a "just go do it" feel (see below, I obtained the Kindle version when it was on offer and can see myself getting the hard-copy version too, more details to be found at:

See previous post but I am in the middle of this and loving it from GLB, to those in the know, no more needs to be said (see below, this van be found at or

Happy reading and keep safe (distancing) in these troubled times!

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