Thursday, 9 April 2020

There Be A Dragon Here (a GW LOTR one, but not Smaug)

My eldest son is battling away trying to assemble a huge lump of GW LOTR lead for his Duke of Edinburgh modelling badge. The bid bits were put together with a good quality super-glue and a tiny bit of Blue Tack to help hold it in place as it dries (see below, not as big as Smaug, but still fairly impressive nevertheless):

My son learns the merits and patience required, filing small assemblies on big models is just as important as gluing the big bits on (see below, something to do with the head methinks):

Well he got there; he wanted something big to scare his friends RPG characters (aka PCs) in his Dungeons and Dragons adventurer (see below, assembled and ready for painting - that's what you get when you give levels to characters too quickly - they have got to earn that experience and gold pieces the hard way):

Stepping back to give you a sense of scale (see below, that is one big beast):

What colour? Red naturally!

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