Saturday, 4 July 2020

50+ Shades of Grey

It's time to talk dirty, soft ESCI plastic dunked in PVA .. 50/50 PVA to water mix, approx (see below, the Soviets have that suspicious PVA gleam - despite my initial reservations about glooping PVA over nice figures this steps seems to work well): 

The Soviets then get the remains of the grey primer .. it almost covers .. but runs out. Time to head off to the shops (see below, about 70% covered but the bases [sand peaking through] tells the true story): 

Fully primed (see below, up to full Soviet military standard ):

If it'd good enough for the Soviets the 'big boy' Saxons [28mm of pure Gripping Beast fun and fantasy] want some of the action (see below, note the Humbrol Acrylic spray dries really fast which is impressive):  

Well job done. Although I think it is much heavier on the paint than brushing it on - because no matter what I try half of the paint seems just to coat the tile - it certainly saves time! 

Note: That this took place outside, based on family complaints of the garage being "stunk out".


Martin Rapier said...

The PVA base coat seems to work well, I've done it on all my recent soft plastic figures, although I never bothered with stuff like that back in the 70s.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

PVA coating to me is a technique that sounds strange, feels bad doing it and does not work in half measures. But like you say, makes a difference and modern 20mm - 1/76 - 1/72 details makes it worthwhile :)

Washing and dunking is another bugbear technique of mine to master .. but that is for another post ;)