Friday, 25 September 2020

ACW Confederate Army Finally "Done and Based" - 20mm Revell Plastics

According to "One Hour Wargames" the Army of Robert E. Lee (see below, two cavalry units, five infantry units and two artillery): 

The bases are now flocked (see below, basic flock and a generous static grass overlay - the cavalry six bases per unit): 

The infantry (see below, the units are using a combination of marching or shooting poses, each has six bases with three figures to a base - in the game flags would denote "an elite unit"):

The artillery (see below, one artillery piece and five crew to a unit, so two units below): 

More infantry ready to give those damn Yankees the "Rebel Yell" (see below, I may experiment in coming back to the front unit to give them light blue kepis but I need to investigate the Confederate infantry uniforms a little more):   

I now pronounce the 20mm ACW Confederate Army as combat ready for the "One Hour Wargame" rules. A small matter of the Union Army to paint next (for simplicity's sake the One Hour Wargame rules has this identical in composition to the Confederate forces).  

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