Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Strelets Soviet WW2 Winter Partisans .. and that strange figure in my set?

Over the festive and New Year break I had the opportunity (like many of us) to do some "hobby sorting" which included some 20mm figure plastic figure basing (see below, some lovely 1/72 scale WWII Strelets Soviet WWII Partisans in "Winter Dress"):  

They are an unusual but lovely set and so full of character (see below, the rugged partisan leader who accepts no excuses): 

Rugged and determined, armed with a SMG and ready to meat out retribution to the invaders (see below, you have got to like those boots): 

The agricultural worker turned partisan, perhaps not a great shot with the rifle but he will be persistent  (see below, gotta love those ear flaps): 

Then this mystery figure, at first I am thinking this is really the partisan's great, grandfather riding one last time against the fascist hoards in defense of the motherland, after all he does look Russian, of a Cossack style of sorts but definitely the wrong century! (see below, what is going on? It turns out this is a Strelets "Easter Egg" or "Cuckoo in the nest"): 

The answer comes from the ever useful Plastic Soldier Review Page: 



Martin Rapier said...

Those are lovely figures, I hope to see them grace a virtual tabletop soon!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That means they need to be painted first ;)

Pete. said...

Those look great- I think I'll pick up a set for myself.



Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Pete,

There is a certain ugly rustic charm to them
They are in the field of Irregular Warfare but the ooze with authentic character

I spotted Strelets LRDP and Foreign Legion sets which look "too good" also