Sunday, 10 October 2021

Bunged Glue Tip: When Your Poly Glue Dispenser Gets Clogged Up (again) - "Flame on"

I seem to have been assembling a seemingly endless pile of 28mm figures. Rewarding and yet but repetitive. I can say "you get to know the small squad-team-section formations of a platoon very well" when you do this in 28mm for Chain of Command or Bolt Action (delete as applicable). The production like process was rudely halted when my "precision liquid glue dispense" got all 'bunged up". No amount of sucking (which can be dangerous unless you like the taste of glue), prodding or poking was to any avail. But I then turned to Renko's ACME trusted method which involved the flame from a kitchen gas cooker ring, a split coffee stirrer with the bunged nozzle wedged into the crack .. then flame on .. both ends (see below, post burning .. charred by now clear of obstruction after seeing a satisfying spurt f flame from both ends):   

Back to peeling potatoes, or rather I mean assembling 28mm figures ;) 


Tim Gow said...

I stopped using that Revell glue because it bunged up so easily. I’ve gone back to good old squeezy tubes of Humbrol.

Matt Crump said...

I’m going to try this as I have loads of those annoying metal pipes bunged up !

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Your manual dexterity is obviously much better than mine
I manage to "squirt" at the most inappropriate of times

Good luck and yes, give it a go I was amazed at the results!
There is nothing more frustrating than "hearing" the swishing of the glue inside but being unable to use it :(

I quite like seeing the solid or gel glue combust
Quite a little firework ;)

DaveM said...

Usually just running the flame of a cigarette lighter along the dispensing needle for a couple of seconds is enough to clear most blockages - you'll see a little burst of flame out of the end when the glue clogging it ignites. Then just wipe off the soot before continuing...Cheers, Dave

Bob The Old Painter said...

I use the wire from freezer bag ties, tear off the paper or plastic surround and this leaves wire that is a perfect fit to clean the metal tube and as a stopper to prevent it from blocking again.

Scarlet said...

I simply probe it with a bent straight small staple, works well

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Just goes to show "that there are more ways than one, to skinning the cat"
Thanks for your tips folks, much appreciated ;)