Friday 25 March 2022

Ukrainian Humanitarian Humble Bundle Final Total .. Staggering .. Over Fifteen and a Half Million Pounds Raised!


Fellow "nerds and geeks" I love you all! Now go play games, read comics and RPG rules, print 3D miniatures.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Over 10 Million Quid for raised for Humanitarian Ukrainian Charities

OMG (see below, this is as heart warming, as the tragedy is cold and merciless): 

Help is coming ...

Friday 18 March 2022

Incredible Humble Bundle "Support Ukraine" - Incredible Does Not Do It Justice - over "Five Million Pounds" raised so far!

There must be something for everybody here!

Over 120 games, books and 3D model, plus a licensed Game Design studio for 12 months!

It looks legit:

The Blurb: 

100% donated to Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts

The violent and unlawful invasion in Ukraine is taking a tragic toll—displacing people, devastating families, and creating an urgent need for food, water, supplies, shelter, and safety. To help out how we can, we’ve joined forces with game creators, book publishers, and software makers around the globe for a bundle 100% dedicated to supporting the victims and refugees from Ukraine during this crisis.

The Stand With Ukraine bundle features over 120 pieces of content worth over $2,500, including:

  • Back 4 Blood, Satisfactory, Metro Exodus, & Fable Anniversary
  • Pathfinder, Starfinder, & Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books
  • GameMaker Studio 2 Creator (12 months), Music Maker EDM Edition, RPG Maker VX, & Polygon game dev assets

100% of the proceeds will go to Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief. Support vital humanitarian crisis relief efforts for the people of Ukraine today.

And counting ...

And still counting ...

And still counting ..

Where will it stop (25th March cut-off)

It just goes to show that I knew it was up to "the nerds to save the world"!

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Kuwait 1990 Battle for the Bridges

Here is an interesting battle I knew nothing about from the First Gulf War:

From the reference section of the Wikipedia Page (see page 26 [although that is PFDF document page 28] for a description of the battle):

It certainly is an interesting magazine if nothing else.

Sunday 13 March 2022

Phishing for Figures in a ModelShop: WWII Chinese

One of the pleasures of "phishing" (aka randomly looking) around in a large model shop (yes, a physcal one) is just the sheer joy of finding something different. On the internet you start with an idea, then I find I can start collecting "too much", whereas the physical constraints of 'what is in the shop' is a welcoming restraint for me (an gives me a different form of temptation). So when I found something I have no apparent use for but at the same time intrigued me, an impulse buy (see below, some WWII Chinese Infantry from Caesar miniatures): 

One of my motto's is that "you cannot go wrong with Caesar Miniatures, as their quality is just basically "good to excellent". Even though the review from Plastic Miniature Soldier Review did question the necessity for a large (fantasy style) machete (da-dao broadswords apparently) being included on two poses. I'll forgive them for that as I think they look cool. I do not know anyone who has gamed this period. The closest I know for somebody doing this period is of a fellow wargamer Renko (see link1, link2, link3), doing a 15mm FoW army as a painting commission for a friend. I will have to pump him for ideas on scenarios and sources of info, as he'll have done a 'deep dive' for that!

Additional Resources: 

Tuesday 8 March 2022

A Tale of Peasant Farming: Agrigola

One of the things I got from the Connections UK Wargame Conferences is a hit list of Bucket List games to get. In 2016 Nick Drage's presentation from Aleph Insight mentioned Agrigola as one such game. Therefore I am glad to announce I bagged this from a recent visit to Blackwell's Bookshop Game section in Edinburgh (see below, Agrigola - analysis of my peasant farming skill awaits): 

So far I have got as far as the unboxing, but it just goes to show you don't have to have "tanks" in a game for it to be "good" ;)