Monday, 27 January 2020

Cruel Seas - US PT Boat

I almost dipped into "What to do Projects Bag" today, I was literally on the verge of "random number" for inspiration .. then I spied a sprue of US PT Boats donated to me by a friend (Renko). So out with the glue and a member the "Ghost Fleet" (aka models still on the sprue) became "one ready for painting" (see below, armed to the teeth and ready to have a go at a Japanese Transport, Submarine Chaser, Destroyer or Battleship):

Intend to actively play "Cruel Seas" (or at the very least use the models) but may have to pay a trip to David Manly's blog to crib up on some torpedo and spotting ammendments.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

War on the Rocks - Interesting Article

Courtesy of a Paxsims link - Wargames the American military pull apart in their wargame design course:

  • A Distant Plain
  • One Deck Dungeon
  • Castle Panic
  • Pandemic
  • Descent
  • Persian Incursion
  • Dominion
  • Starship Samurai
  • Dragonwood
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Hero Realms
  • A Fox in the Forrest
  • Memoir '44
  • The Grizzled
  • Mice and Mystics
  • Twilight Struggle

See full article at:

Friday, 24 January 2020

XTR Command Magazine

As a late Xmas treat to myself I completed the damage recovery to my XTR Command Magazine Collection, a loan that was not returned or stuff lost in transit/misplaced - I remember being very keen on doing Sea Lion at some point so I may be in a special box file somewhere, perhaps it is tie for a spring clean. This meant Issue #45 which was missing the Sea Lion Game (annoying as I had the Yarmuk Game and Magazine part) plus I took the opportunity to extend the collection the Issue #9 Inchon too (see below, waiting to be punched - the Sea Lion Game looks good - well the counters do, I cannot comment on the rules yet):

Sea Lion Issue #45:

Inchon Issue #9:

I have the intention of playing quite a few Command Ziplock games this year. Watch this space for AARs.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Blood Red Skies: Battle of Britain (3 of 3) Battle End

Adding insult to injury the Me110s find themselves now tangling with Spitfires (see below, a Spitfire racing to get into the rear are of a lumbering Me110, this is not what or how it happened in Spain. Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium and France):

Thankfully Von Ken claims a final "boom chit" on a tight turning Spitfire and they have had enough, boom chits being greater than the number of engines on the table (see below, this comes as a great relief to this particular shot-up Me110 crew, Herman's "not so finest"):

As the Spitfires disappear and the Me110s morale (barely) hangs on (one more "boom chit" and they too will be off) the Destroyers try one more head-long charge at these pesky Hurricanes, bringing 20mm hard hitting cannon to a deflection shot on a "Cat" (see below, another 'boom chit' on the Hurricanes):

It is up to Von Ken to deliver the coup de grace, as a disadvantaged Hurricane finds itself "finally" on the receiving end of a burst of deadly fire from a Me109 (see below, and much to the relief of the crew of another shot up Me110):

The final act is for both the Me110 Squadron and Hurricane Squadron to call it a day with "boom chit bust" and go home (see below, the parting view is the Hurricane going down in flames and the RAF pilot parachuting down to home soil and a welcome from the local Home Guard):

The Me109s of Von Ken rule the skies over Kent before a low fuel gauge tells them it is time to go home (see below, where have the RAF gone?):

A good introductory game, although my Me110 nose (and in particular rear gunners) got a "bloodying"! A few less people round the dinner table at the chateau for the Destroyer Squadron but meanwhile high spirited toasts to Von Ken's for his latest kill in there more rough ad ready farmyard accommodation. Across "The Channel" there is earnest discussion in the 'Cat' Mess Bar over the real merits of the "Vic three formation" and down the Dog and Duck laughs as Maisie serves up another round for her favourite "Boys in Blue" as the ivories of the piano get a hammering!

End Note: Despite my collection of 1/144 fighters I may have to male a token dabble into 1/200. Although I am loathed to replicate across different scales (again)! The starter box set of Blood Red Skies might be a more sensible purchase!