Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Fantasy with a twist .. Roman Style

Put this down to the result of one of those two minute "conversations" you have with a friend at a wargame show. Something I was not remotely intending to get into, sounds an interesting project for "K" to do, he likes that sort of stuff ... until after a night of despair Xmas shopping on Amazon I lightened my mood by slipping this into my trolley (see below):

Fantasy ghosts, ghouls and Minotaur monsters with a Roman backdrop, plenty of Roman "Red-shirts" (akin to Star Trek expendables) to take "incoming fire". At the moment it is something to read over the Xmas break,

Think it will be good Beer and Pretzel stuff, akin to Frost Grave :)

Monday, 5 December 2016

Matilda 11: Close Support Tank .. WIP

Originally I had intended to convert a standard Airfix Matilda II into a Matilda II CS version cannibalising spare bits from the Hasagawa Churchill I/II kits I had previously made (some twenty years ago). These all came with a 3" hull mounted howitzer in the Churchill I configuration. However just prior to my 'model knife cutting sprue' I happened bu chance to a wargame show (Parade Ground 2016, Stockton/Middlesbrough) and via the Grubby Tanks stall picked up this little chap (see below). I noted in the kit description the CS Howitzer was actually 3.7 inch so the intended bit of plastic I was planning to use might well have looked "short and silly". Also resin is quicker (90% done) than a model kit to build so the idea was sold in my head and a purchase made (see below, bottom left long barrel is teh 3.7" howitzer in metal):

A pleasant by product of this is that the three unmade Airfix Matilda's can now be assigned to other projects:

  • The Russian Front, a pair of whitewashed Matilda's sent via the Arctic Convoys to help Russia in 1941/42 (and also play on old Wargames Illustrated scenario I have wanted to do for years, though it will also mean the purchase of some SHQ Aerosans .. not a bad thing)
  • The Pacific Front, a Matilda Frog (flamethrower) variant which requires a bit of modelling on my part) and perhaps a normal Matilda to stand guard over the other two (which means one 'final' Matilda purchase .. which should help Airfix out in its current financial situation)

Watch this space in 2017!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

An unplanned distraction .. Necrons .. some of the large biped robot varients

In my defence, they were in a sale! (see below):

Unpainted, raw plastic but they still look nasty .. meanwhile er, back to WWII, in silly large scale plastics.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

28mm WWII Perry Plastic 8th Army Bren Team

Something I said I would never do .. (see below, 28mm WWII Perry 8th Army Bren Team):

But they are "very nice" Mr Kipling! The intension is "just" to build up a platoon of the 8th Army to combat a platoon of the DAK in Chain of Command .. watch this space!

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Matilda 10: RTR HQ Vehicle

The three fighting squadrons have been filled, so time to appoint a RHQ Troop (one vehicle representing 3-5 tanks on CD III rules). Again the classic Airfix model kit is used, however the command tank is given two figures (see below, note the "Monty" figure from an old Matchbox M3 Honey kit and the helmeted observer with binoculars from the Airfix Bofors kit):

All I need now is the specialist CS Troop (aka one tank in Command Decision  II/III terms) to be under the direct control of the RHQ for the "opposition" to be considered.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

New Blog found courtesy of ParadeGround 2016 connection

Battle Ground 2016 (North East of England Stockton:Middlesbrough):

Excellent Demonstration Game (Jutland 1916):

Long time since I managed to get out and "go to a show" but it was a really pleasant experience, despite "things having moved on" since my last outing. Hot things seemed to be Sci-Fi, Zombie Horror and 28mm plastics (replacing 15mm all things of 15mm) or 15/10/6mm WWII kits. My old school 15mm ancients and 20mm WWII were hard to find. Still it was great rummaging through stuff "bargain hunting". A comment from a trader seemed to be "most  people were looking and buying tit-bits rather than huge armies".

Impressively "shiny" new items found were:
As it was I stuck to my old projects with a modest purchase of:
  • Millennium Falcon for X-Wings, the Rebels need Han and Chewy
  • 28mm Warlord Games Scots Lancers (ECW/Scottish Montrose Campaign
  • 8 x 15mm Carthaginian Citizen Spearmen going cheap in a "bargain bucket"
  • 20mm Britannia Miniatures Sherman ARV  
  • 20mm Britannia Miniatures Matilda II CS
  • 20mm Britannia Miniatures British Paratroopers PIAT Team, 2" Mortar Team

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Plastic Airfix Sherman ... "Pimped Up" (Honour the Airfix!)

Looking at my "1944 RTR post D-Day" project box (A4 Flat Box with pop-up lid, we all have them), brimming full of Airfix Shermans and Matchbox (Revell) Fireflys, I came to the conclusion that it was time to break up their uniformity of build (aka the tanks "look"). After all heading across France and onto the Rhine the RTR was a formation on the move, not a parade ground inspection line-up. Hence there should be all manner of things "hanging off them". Time to break open all those "tins of extra spare part" (things that I have been acquiring for twenty five years) and festoon them Xmas cake fashion over the beloved (see below, a troop commander's Sherman):

As part of my Plastic Soldier Company assembly frenzy I had some M3 Half-Track stowage packs left over, so onto the the side they went (see below, "Messy Alice"):

Project wise, I still need to acquire a specialist Crusader AA (I nominally made up the Airfix Bofors kit as a stand in, but I have "gone off" that idea) and a Sherman ARV (again the stand in Airfix Scamell Tank Transporter is infeasible) as Xmas ["Dear Santa"] presents (I don't fancy the effort of a botched conversion [two kits making one]) from Britannia Miniatures, SHQ or Skytrex.