Monday, 25 May 2020

Corona Virus Project - 2 Series USN a-e: Finally Completed

OK so the better part of the US Pacific Fleet is ready to field (see below, a lot of varnished [Satin Varnish] USN DD and a few more CA and CL, CL/AA): 

Ready for Coral Sea, Guadalcanal and Midway. Just a case of doing the same for the IJN forces!

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Corona Virus Project 2e : USN Guadalcanal CA/LC-AAs

Some more 'seemingly' random USN cruisers - which almost finishes off my early war US naval fleet. There is a purpose behind this motley (but much loved) collection as it allows the naval order of battles for USN at Guadalcanal to be marked as complete (see below, nine ships, three more Atlanta's [San Diego, Juneau, San Juan], a Brooklyn and the Iron Bottom Sound trio of USS Chicago, USS Quincy and USS San Francisco - also the really early war USS Houston and USS Marblehead):   

OK with this lot complete it should be across to the IJN (although I do have three remaining pre-war heavy cruisers to paint up and there is the small question of US Battleships which [barring the USS Washington and USS South Dakota I have already painted up] will be needed for the later Pacific War battles) starting with the Coral Sea, to Guadalcanal and then to the (huge) Midway "Invasion Force"!

Saturday, 23 May 2020

GW Tomb Banshee "Washed"

Like the Moria Troll this little begger got my attention (see below, tip don't hang around the graveyards at night): 

The Vallejo Brown Wash is but the first step in the painting process

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Moria Troll "Washed"

Again a beastie that stares at me from the library shelf, strategically placed in line-of-sight. Taunted I first primed it in Airfix Grey Acrylic Primer then Vallejo Washed him in Sepia Brown (see below, he looks and angry chap): 

Anybody seen a hobbit? (see below, that is the spear aimed as in the first film at Frodo Baggins): 

Good first step. Watch this space for the next ;)

Sunday, 17 May 2020

28mm KV1 (or KV2) - "The People's Heavy Tank"

I put specific boxes on my "computer desk" eye-line to taunt me into "reminding me they are still here". The Warlord Games KV1/2 pack is a case in point. I have already assembled (but not yet painted the infantry) but the beast of a tank remains. On the back of "how easy it was to put together" the Sherman V I though, "Well it's time!"  (see below, I particularly like the strident pose of the tank commander, trucking no doubt in the defeat of fascism): 

The KV1 has an ugly sister, the quite frankly ridiculously looking "land battleship turret" of the KV-2. The Mannerheim Line bunker buster for the Russo-Finnish war. Just fire facing a frontal target or god knows what will happen (see below, freakish and frightening at the same time): 

I still have to get a bog standard T-34 in this scale, early war preferably - although there is always a place in my heart for the T34-85 post Kursk! 

Friday, 15 May 2020

Corona Virus Project 2c Update: USN DDs - Gearing Class

The final two USN destroyers is this batch, the Gearing Class (see below, actually they were much more late war destroyers and are subbing in for the big Porter Class I don't [yet] have): 

Thirty of thirty done, all they need now is that satin varnish!

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Corona Virus Project 2c Update: USN DDs - Fletcher Class

Probably the famous class of American WWII DDs the indomitable Fletcher Class (see below, PS: thanks to the mega bucket Battle of Leyte Gulf Navwar Battle Pack I have another forty eight of these chaps to paint): 

This makes twenty eight of of thirty, so, so close to finishing this one!