Friday 30 July 2010

Wings Of War - WWI Dogfights

Absolutely fantastic :)

I've played it twice now and both times it has been immense fun. I am also a big Canvas Eagles fan but the playability of the WoW game system is brilliant :)

The ease at which someone walks into the game is great. Not a simulation and life expectancy is short but speaking as one who has "Bought it with the Baron" and likewise been a "Terror of the Tommies" it is nevertheless a good 'fun' experience.

I am desperately trying to work out how I can convert my 1/144 metal Skytrex planes to work with the plastic miniatures from the system.

Thursday 29 July 2010

The Joy of Airfix (1) - [New] WWI Female Tank

As the saying goes "The female of the species is more dangerous than the male":

The Female Mark I certainly has more machine guns.

Another naked plastic assembly that needs a good dose of mud-splashed paint. Something to go with my WWI collection. This Airfix NEW (or rather slight variant of an existing) kit is a rather  welcome addition. The kit allows for the possibility of making the hermaphrodite (gun and machine guns) version from this single kit (also see my correction comment).

Together with Emhar and Hat there is a goodly spread of WWI kits on the market which allows for interesting day dreams.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Bush War Over

Official: Bush Operations completed, gardening war "over", all gardening units stand down. Fourteen "bush" transplantations missions completed (plus lots of recuperative/medicinal cold beers) and a two metre square area of lawn turf laid!

Translation: Odious summer gardening task completed now I can get back to the real hobby!

I could have done with a hand from this chap, an ANZAC M113 from JB Models (the mould now owned though perhaps not yet available by Airfix, I think). British Saladin armoured car turret meets M113 American APC. Now I guess it would be termed an "Infantry Fighting Vehicle" (IFV). 

The 1:76 is made but shamefully not under coated, I seem to have gone through a spree of gluing plastic kits together and leaving the painting for another time. :)

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Back to a British Infantry theme

The latest welcome purchase/addition:

This comes on the back of enjoying the GI's so much (I forgive the "largeness" compared to other 1/76 and 1/72 manufacturers) and thinking they will not be out of place next to (next battalion along) my Platoon 20 WWII late-war British Infantry.

From first impressions out of the box I am very impressed and they are spurring me on to finish the British WWII Platoon project and spill over the paint to these plastics.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Spitfire Summer: "Copy Blue Leader Bandits Three O'Clock"

More of my 1/144 Academy collection, this time the single-seat legend the Spitfire. Two Spitfire Vb's chasing the Hun.

A simple and clean model that paints up beautifully.

Nothing like a bit of magic making it to tabletop, these boys have the Polish national insignia markings on them too.

In the Battle of Britain the Poles of 303 Squadron outclassed everyone attaining the highest numbers of kills in relation to other RAF squadrons coupled with the lowest operational losses. Prior combat experience had taught them to get in close (100-50 yards) before delivering a burst of deadly fire.

They proved Dowding's initial doubts over their combat suitability wrong and in a battle that was won by the narrowest of margins they helped tilt the odds in Britain's favour and were a welcome addition to the RAF order of battle.

Monday 5 July 2010

Age of Eagles and the Spanish Ulcer

As the Ancients Campaign winds down life has been sparked into the Peninsular Campaign (1812+) for some Napoleonic action, using the F&F branded Age of Eagles

To this end a play-test or two has shown this aspiring French commander what not to do in honour of the Emperor.

Key points of interest/note:
  • Do not attempt to "escalade" (surprise attack with inferior numbers) a strong-point held by the KGL
  • Do not attempt to mass attack with only two columns (columnar) a strong-point held by the KGL
  • In fact either ignore (preferred option) or batter it with artillery
  • Only attack disordered British infantry
  • Don't let your cavalry be disordered (by artillery) as they form up to charge
  • Artillery is the King of the Battlefield, mass it
  • Expect brutal things from cavalry unless you disorder them first

Best not fritter away a Corp of Napoleon's finest and expect to see France again!

After a "tour de force" of what not to do,bring on the campaign ;)

Friday 2 July 2010

Modern War in Europe (1990's plus) Play Test II

The Red Tide rolled forward and engaged in fierce combat with both sides calling artillery assets. The camera was concentrating on the left hand side of the battlefield (where I was commanding the BTR regiment):

Here it became rather ugly for the German Panzer Grenadiers, but their mettle held firm and they stood and fought well against seemingly impossible odds (and despite again rolling poor "to hit/kill" combat dice).

The Red surge continued, with the German Infantry suppressed to the front in good defensive terrain it was time for the Soviet infantry to disembark and finish the job.

After a nasty armour exchange where the German was worsted the Panzer Grenadier battalion was now set to retire in good order before it was swamped, to a position a km behind to support an already "in place" Leopard II battalion to provide much needed infantry cover against the Reds.

Over on the right flank the Soviets were faced with a deeper river to wade and were trading infantry and armour with another Panzer grenadier battalion, again the latter forming the mindset of it being more prudent to retire at this point rather than be swamped by dismounted BTR infantry.

Play test ended in a tactical draw, Soviets across the river but still with heavy unbroken opposition to their front. The Soviet Divisional commander is about to commit the BMP or Tank Regiment to the left flank, his NATO counterpart forming up in the next line of defence.

The wars goes on bur time was up for the wargamers on the night!