Wednesday 30 December 2015

Happy New Year

Another year older, but none the wiser but all the better for it ;)

Hope life treats you well in 2016

PS: I never knew atoms could be so much fun!

Friday 25 December 2015

Merry Xmas

I hope you are spending this Xmas with the ones you love
Keep them in your heart

Thursday 17 December 2015

Napoleonic Project: The Peninsular War

"Reading the war": 

Following on from reading Simon Scarrow's classic "set of four" Welloington/Napoleon historical fiction based on fact books I have been seduced by the charms and intrigues of the Napoleonic War period, in particular the Peninsular Campaign aka the Spanish Ulcer, which was the start of the unravelling of the Napoleonic Empire (see below):

The interest is the beguiling way the Peninsular War started off so innocuously small but ended up with incredibly big battles of huge consequences for all of Europe, also because  it seems so "peculiarly British in character" but mainly because the outcome of the campaign hung on a knife edge and could so easily have swung either way so many times. Wellington risked ruin if  he lost but a single battle.

The influence of Wellington or conversely the lack of Napoleon's influence seems most acute. My reading continues apace, but I have decided to test my colour palate and painting skills on some Victrix 28mm British fellows. The aim is to have at least enough for a Sharp Practice scenario or two (which means I best bother to get the rules in the first place) before deciding as to whether or not I should go hardcore and get a 15mm  British, Portuguese and Spanish army. As a quick start I have some 2mm "Napoleonic Blocks" (from "Irregular Miniatures") that could be fast-tracked into use.

A project well worthy of time spent on it in 2016 ;)

Wednesday 16 December 2015

PSC Hanomag 251/1 and 251/10 Ausf D

"Hanomag City" here we come courtesy of a PSC boxed set of three and a spare donated to me from a friend who is moving from 20mm to 28mm. The spare came assembled, so I covered it in Airfix undercoat and then Vallejo "Black-Washed" it (see below):

I then made up my "packet of three" with of course the 251/10 37mm "Command Version" (see below):

Plenty of spare tracks, wheels and clutter to go round. The crew ain't too bad either ;)

Sunday 13 December 2015

Waiting for eBob .. er Rather a long time actually

Hmm, I would appreciate any feedback on other people's experiences of eBob Miniatures. The guy looks incredibly talented, his miniature ranges look superb but I placed an order for some Scottish Pike way back in September and I've heard nothing since an email dated early October despite weekly postings asking for an update.

Reading people's forum postings others have experienced the same with the kit eventually turning up. Any thoughts or alternate ways of contacting eBob appreciated from the community

Thursday 3 December 2015

PSC: Loyd Carrier and the 6 pdr Assembly

As I was in the loft I came across some PSC models I had (almost) forgotten about (shame on me), the Loyd Carrier and 6 pdr AT gun + crew. One of which had already been made up as the 57mm US AT gun for my PSC American troops. I decided as it was not a big build to spend the idle time one Saturday afternoon while watching the Davis Cup (good old Any Murray) to put the two (bargain) carries, the remaining gun and crew together (see below, please note the very useful "ammo boxes" that can be used for "ammo low or disruption markers"):

A close up shows how "nice" the crew are. Unlike their venerable Airfix counterparts a small amount of assembly is required, but it is well worth the effort (see below):

The previously constructed US 57mm AT gun (see below):

All-in-all a very tidy collection of artefacts, a nice model box and although I was only 50/50 at the time of purchase (I purchased on the back of the PSC quality) I an very, very glad I did :)