Sunday 24 April 2022

Easter Project: Jigsaw - Charge of the Scots Greys - Scotland Forever

This is a fine piece of historic artwork with a slight personal touch as the father-in-laws grandfather served in the Scots Greys in the inter-war years in India (see below: 1000 pieces of blended colour fun, note the rest of the experienced jigsaw makers ran for the hills when I opened this one up): 

I literally could only keep my sanity by working a region at a time (see below, the outer frame was done first, then the red uniforms with (annoying black hats), onto the horses whilst muttering under my breath):  

Horse's heads complete I moved onto the bodies and legs (see below, the study in white and cream was a different form of madness, at least the legs helped me segment the very challenging brown earth section):  

The finished masterpiece, I do think it looks impressive (see below, shown with three missing chinks - due to its missing parts and an element f wear and tear I think its active days as a jigsaw are over. Rather than chucking it I plan to slide it onto a board, PVA it into place - then fill in the remaining two spaces): 

Footnote 1: I was mighty glad (aka understatement) to have finished it but slightly saddened about the three missing pieces, which later reduced to "two" when I discovered one in an unusual place. Either I picked it up already "short" from the Charity Shop or managed to lose two with all the holiday travels (I used one of those clever jigsaw zipped portfolio folders to transport it). I also do have a small number of 28mm Napoleonic Scots Greys I was thinking of painting up (a couple of sprues rather than the whole Warlord Box).

Footnote 2: Another lost piece turned up so I am only one down .. who knows it may yet turn up!

Saturday 23 April 2022

Another Fundraiser for Ukraine: NLAW Infantry Figure

Moving to something that is very modern now (and scaled as per 3D file to the size your choice) is a Ukrainian NLAW Operator (see below, and it does look a really nice figure): 

Details of the figure and where the donations go can be found at: 

STL File for the DIY 3D Print Boffins:

Physical copies can be purchased at:

Sunday 10 April 2022

Connections Online 2022 (19th-21st April)


Connections Online 2022 is around the corner


Calling all simulators, analysts, and wargamers

Connections Online 2022, coming in mid-April


Core Events will run 19-21 April, 10AM-4PM EST. Core events currently planned include (but are not limited to) developing professional wargames; improving your design skills; recent innovations in the wargaming field; simulating cyber conflict; and more.

From 18-24 April we will have extended events (outside our Core hours) that address more niche topics, and present actual games! Extended events will include topics such as designing political-focused games, the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War, and a wargame bootcamp on tools for running games online.

On 18 April, there will be a free 2-hour introductory session that will be publicly streamed, as an "Introduction & Orientation to Wargaming". This session is being held in advance of the Core events to allow potential participants to gauge their own interest in the field before committing to full registration for Connections Online.

Registration will again be required via and content will be streamed through a private YouTube channel.

Our complete schedule will be available soon - watch Connections Online for more details.

Friday 8 April 2022

My first Big Scale 1/35th Tamiya Model for Charity (Ukrainian Humanitarian) Panzer IVD

Big shout out to: 

Twitter #kitoff
Twitter @WeHaveWaysPod (Al Murray and James Holland) Podcast
Twitter @RedFiveModels (Jack Bowsher)

Just Giving Page:

My model of choice (that was in the loft .. purchased for £17): Panzer IVD (France 1940 Colours)

Let the modelling begin, in this big, brave new scale for me!