Wednesday 16 June 2021

Falklands Book: Harrier 809

"Operations Corporate" is on my bucket list of battles to do, so books like "Harrier 809" by Rowland White can only but stir my interest (see below, evocative imagery from my childhood):  

A cracking fast paced read which sent me into the Falkland's shelf for books about teh era still as yet unread. "Razor's Edge" being the next one!

Monday 14 June 2021

Nurgles .. Fun with Painting .. Nominally Fantasy/Sci-Fi

The good thing with good old "make-it-up" fantasy and science fiction is that nobody can really tell you are doing it wrong and really anything goes, especially when you are talking boiling beasts of  Chaos like GW Nurgles (see below, this was a little bit of an exercise in dry-brushing, first pass Army Painter Primer [Grey], then Vallejo Brown Dipping Formula, then Vallejo Dark Flesh, using a slightly worse for wear GW/Citadel Dry Brushing Brush): 

Just for experimentation I decided to throw an ink glaze (Vallejo Skin Ink) over it to get a wet look (see below, admittedly most of this would be lost when I dry brush but inaccessible places will still look dark, dank and wet): 

I now have a wet looking band of Nurgle miscreants (see below, the "game" they are being painted for is a "Party of Demons in Hell" take on FrostGrave - which should be interesting, I intend to mix and match to make an "old ball bunch"):

I then stopped the batch process and took one through to completion, or at least very near completion (see below, dry brushed passes of 50:50 Vallejo Caymen Green/Camp Green, Vallejo Camo, Vallejo Rotten Flesh on the main body): 

Another, this time close-up view, in the unnatural light of day for this "demon-thing" (see below, Vallejo Blood Red, for flesh - boils Vallejo Vermin Brown "tapped" on some with with Vallejo Off White): 

I also plan to use these as standard "biggish monsters" for RPG [Undead and Chaos]. Painting wise I experimented here and there on the other bits, such as introducing Vallejo Blue Ink into the guts finding an old guide to painting miniatures useful, but having to convert "old" GW to closest Vallejo. I had fun basically :) 

Saturday 12 June 2021

Some Pictures of D&D Adventurers that I had fun with in Lock-Down

One of the unexpected benefits of lock-down was my rediscovery of RPG with my old school friends at the tutelage of my eldest son (whom I think has memorised the contexts of 5th Edition AND the subsequent rules changes .. respect). From the loft came out some old Grenadier and Citadel friend from the 1980's (see below, not forgetting the ubiquitous dungeon floor plans - basic set corridor grey):  

This guy in particular, children's magic party "over the top" classic D&D wizard - dressed so crazy he's got to be both mad and powerful (see below, I take my hat off to the "mojo" I had when I painted him): 

Dwarves you gotta love them and that serious looking lost Crusader paladin type in the background (see below, the dwarf female looks tougher than the male counterpart - a happy couple on an orc killing spree): 

These are the new-comers in two senses of the word - new race (Drakon) and new figure casting (sexy plastic- resin from Wizkids, Noldur's Marvellous Miniatures) - but wat is there not to like (see below, apart from the joint custody of them between me and my teenage son; he'll eventually  break my heart when the collection moves out with him): 

Last but not least, in what seems like an age ago the original LOTR's "The Fellowship of the Ring" came out and along with is GW's LOTR's miniatures started (see below, I think it is Pippin, perfect for that halfling thief that appears in every party .. well at least at the start): 

This sums up D&D or rather RPG as lots of everything coming together in one big "mish-mash" of fun ;) 

Long may you all game on!

Friday 11 June 2021

10mm Vietnam Game: Take That Village Playtest

Something in the pipeline, play tested once with a friend and it was good, then lots of other interesting things got in the way, but it is about to be picked up again (see below, the jungles of Vietnam created on Kallistra terrain): 

A Vietnam game without a Huey? Never! (see below, which a chemistry see through paperweight, hurriedly pressed into (very effective) service as a flying stand): 

The wide expanse of the "jungle table" means that the figures seem lost in its midst. which feels about right (see below, it it only possible to spot the troops, because of the camouflage, with teh aid of counters - which again seems about right): 

The Pendrakon 10mm figures although small are beautifully sculped (see below, US Blue - NVA/VC Red, naturally): 

Looking forwards to play testing this home-brew rule set of a friend ;) 

Thursday 10 June 2021

Bad Boys But They Look So Good .. Tyranids ...

You gotta love the bad guys sometimes, particularly when they are of the deadly reptilian kind (see below, two enjoyable painting projects of yesteryear - Games Workshop Tyranid Warriors): 

They have been the last thing many a Space Marine saw on a Space Crusade mission ;) 

Also perfect for inclusion in a game of Stargrave methinks!

Monday 7 June 2021

One from the "Memory Box": A Roman School Project

This was a school project my youngest son did when he was seven (or at most eight), it still amazes me as to how good he got it (see below, two of the most glorious Roman shields I have ever seen): 

Then, on his own initiative, his little inventive mind came up with this game based on the idea of "Escape from Pompeii" (see below, an old Soduku board turned into the streets of Pompeii complete with erupting Volcano in the centre!): 

The volcano action starts and the lava starts flowing, you are a legionnaire who has been tasked by his Centurion to go and rescue his family and take then down to a ship in the harbour to escape. Meanwhile, he (the Centurion) in stoic Roman fashion will steadfastly attend to his duties to the last (see below, the yellow counters are dangerous but passable lava):

Unexpected dangers await, such as escaped armed slaves from Ancient Briton that have to be dealt with in the traditional Roman Army way (see below, 28mm Warlord Games classic figures come to blows as the city disintegrates): 

The hand-to-hand battle continues apace as the lava flows (see below, this could be a classic lose-lose situation as the winner if he took too long would be covered in lava - nice! Note: The yellow lava can be circumnavigated by a "one time use of a shield" as a temporary stepping stone):  

A close up of the fist-i-cuff action (see below, figures two 28mm classics from Warlord Games, the Early Imperial Roman Legionary and an Ancient Briton - don't ask what the Briton is doing in Pompeii): 

Things are getting serious as the red lava (totally unpassable) starts cutting off the escape routes (see below. the legionnaire is about to lose a shield in a desperate attempt to escape):  

Success, the loyal Legionnaire finds his beloved Centurion's family cowering in a house, scared out of their wits. Heart-broken and tear-stained they hear of his fate but they are ushered to safety by the Centurion's trusted man who risked his life for them (see below, one of Rome's finest thanks the gods for favouring him as they board the boat [etched on the cardboard] underneath heading out of the harbour): 

Good family fun!

Sunday 6 June 2021

Random Things That Appeared In An Amazon Shopping Trolley Over The Past Months

Why? Because .. it looked good and was at a discounted price .. and my powers of resistance were low .. (see below, a "shiny" Sci-Fi adventure game for £20 .. after all I have to do something with all those Space Marines and other various Sci-Fi figures): 

Although a Chain of Command buff, I have heard too many good reports from people playing the alternative too .. so again I was victim of a discounted price (see below, although it is safe to say I was a happy victim, another £20 .. could be expensive if I get all the supplements):  

Third and final was Rangers of Shadow deep, a Fantasy (relatively light .. in comparison to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons) adventure game .. yes again discounted .. please note this was not one mad single Amazon shopping trip, but rather multiple over months (see below, this one was also a Kindle edition whereas the other two were physical): 

The latter (Rangers) was with a selection of LOTR miniatures I have yet to paint in mind. Game on (after reading the rules that is)!