Thursday 12 August 2021

Painting Pacific War (1942) Douglas Dauntless Version SDB-3: Reference Notes

While "going through my loft" in search of the 1/48th scale Airfix Spitfire Vb (now proudly hanging from a son's bedroom ceiling), I came across a box marked the Airfix USN Pacific Air (Midway) Project. A "project on hold". I had (at some distant point in the past) collected the Airfix Devastator, Dauntless and Wildcat USN trio (I also plan/planning to to the same for the IJN [Zero, Kate, Val], likewise there is a RAF - Battle of Britain Fighter Box [Spitfire, Hurrican, Defiant, Beaufighter and Gloster Gladiator] and a Signature Battle of Britain Luftwaffe [Me 109, Me 110, Stuka Ju-87, Ju-88, Heinkel 111] collection/project in progress). Seeing as the Dauntless was only 'part complete' I decided to "give it a shove" and also do an unboxing on the Wildcat kit - which turned out to my surprise as a more modern re-tooled Airfix kit - the difference in the level of detail and clarity in instructional layout is significant (see below, kit progress: 100%, -  50% and 0% done):  

The Devastator is a canny old bird and I have immense respect for the crew that had to fly these "obsolete" planes into battle in one of the pivotal periods of the Second World War. In fact the Devastator reminds me of the "Fairey Battle" of France 1940 fame. With respect to the paint job, I see I I tried to get a sea battered and weathered look (see below, I have a feeling that I have over worked it a little - sometimes less can be more): 

Job done for the day so time to return the Dauntless to its USN Pacific War party box. It is a "no rush" project, it was nice just to get the loose bits of plastic stuck together and not lost and MIA (which is frustrating). I used some Vallejo Plastic Putty to fill the inevitable "gaps" of an early Airfix model kit (see below, the current painting tray, eclectic as ever, a WWII Pacific USN Air War set next to Games Workshop Fantasy bunch of Nurgles!): 

One issue I have is, what sort of paint scheme to adopt. I chose the USB Dauntless SDB-3 option for the 1942 era Dauntless but the decals are for a NZ plane, the USMC decals are for the 1944 SDB-5 and the Oxford Blue paint scheme looks bad for 1942. So I am looking for a painting guide match for 1942 that can fit either Vallejo or Tamiya paints (at a push Airfix Humbrol). Suggestions appreciated.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Airfix 1/48th Scale Spitfire Hanging From Ceiling

I finally got round to doing this for my youngest son, hanging a Spitfire from his bedroom ceiling (see below, question black cotton perhaps but at least it is airborne [alongside a Star Wars TIE Fighter which makes a strange bed-fellow]):  

Yes it is in a rather steep dive. Shade of my bedroom ceiling as a boy ;)  

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Science Fiction Distraction - 28mm Troopers

Picked up this collection from CoW2021 (see below, a set of sci-fi troopers to battle beyond the asteroids - apologies for the distant shot but please trust me as closer-up they have an Oriental Samurai look): 

Team A will be pitched against (or with) Team B (see below, a funky street-punk feel to them IMHO. Apologies as I did not catch the manufacturer .. maybe GZG or Outland?)

They have been given the Army Painter spray undercoat treatment (see below, I am thinking about colour scheme - shiny metallic jumps to mind): 

As to rules Star Grunts, Traveller's Striker and Rogue Stars-Stargrave, as well as perhaps an excuse to crack open GDW Snapshot. Think I will use them to battle against my Cybermen and Daleks for started and perhaps StarGrunt .. although I spotted that they have their own figure ranged released!

Manufacturing Source Confirmed as: Ground Zero Games (GZG)  

Monday 9 August 2021

Dropped into Gettysburg (15mm Fire and Fury - Second Edition)

Getting back to normal, of sorts. Popping by and catching up with some old friends at their wargame pad as they are refighting Gettysburg in 15mm using Second Edition Fire and Fury. It was good to get out and see some old friends and exchange pleasantries over "deadly and galling musketry" (see below, the Iron Brigade sitting atop a ridge blocking the way to Gettysburg town, while the Confederates mass for a charger):  

Part of the reason for the "waiting" was the massed Confederate artillery on the opposite ridge was waiting to "speak" to the Union Iron Brigade (see below, sitting under a massed artillery battery is one of the more unpleasant aspects of Fire and Fury. The jury was out with respect to the balance of artillery in the game rules, is certainly was "harsh" when three or more guns got together!):   

In this game Buford has a Cavalry brigade in the town of Gettysburg supported by regular line brigades "moving up in support". The town is certainly crammed with "Blue" (see below, Buford is wearing down the Rebels at a ratio of 2+:1 which is proving to be a thorn in General Lee's plans of operation):  

More worrying is the fact that the Union reinforcements have appeared and preparing a counterattack on the Rebels flank (see below, Buford's delaying tactic have worked a treat and there is no place to hide for the Confederates, it is either face massed musketry or face massed artillery and charging Union troops): 

The battle is still on Day One so there is all still to play for!

Saturday 7 August 2021

Beauty is in the "Eye of the Beholder"

This is a Black Tree Design "Evil Eye" which to me equates to a Second Edition D&D Monster Manual picture of a Beholder (see below, a ping pong table tennis ball with pin tacks sticking out of it and a "bitey" mouth on it): 

As they say, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and although it does not compare to the Fifth Edition pimped up larger model of the Beholder) and I like its rustic charm. The other nickname we gave it was "the purple people eater"! Time will tell on that one as you have to be fairly high level to be unfortunate enough to meet and greet one! 

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Bucket List Item: Accomplished - Catan (The Settlers of)

It was bought, but yet to be played. Then it was played and really enjoyed (see below, the game I saw Chandler play in The Big Bang Theory and knew, just knew I had to play. Also note, the nearby "Nurgles" were an unrelated simultaneous painting project): 

Not only was it played, it was played over three generations. My son, his father (me) and the grand mother! It was enjoyed by all and .. even better .. there are expansions!

Five stars rating .. even though my son beat me!