Friday 28 May 2021

More Gauls but this time with their Clothes ON!

Decently clothed Gauls (for a change) charging undoubtedly at a Roman line! (see below, another forty Gauls for the Romans to worry about):

Now the small matter of painting, or rather priming, dipping and then painting raises its ugly head!

Saturday 22 May 2021

All Greek To Me: 28mm Hoplites (Mortal Gods) For Athens or various non Thebes or Sparta City States

This is a long standing stop-start project for me (see below, adding to my 28mm hoplites for Mortal Gods, SPQRII or whatever else s out there for warband 28mm games): 

Besides they are very nice and strait forwards to make (see below, they look really nice): 

The need mounting on either circular bases or stands as my fat fingers keep knocking them over (see below, the dilemma is individual, individual on sabot or dense [as hoplites are wont to] on DBA stands? Answers on a postcard): 

These are the original Victrix ones that game with Mortal Gods (see below, large hoplon shield, armoured helm and long pointy spear - what is not to like): 

The 28mm hoplite figures come together nicely (or should I say history comes alive) when you can see a shield wall forming (see below, begging for the paint job to start): 

Thankfully they come with decals for the shields!

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Some 28mm things that were recently "fettled" (courtesy of the Warlord Wargames sprue sale)

First their came a sprue that was supposed to be in the back of a German 251 half-track (see below, Fritz and Hans are having fun with an 81mm mortar): 

Then came a merry bunch of AWI 28mm artillery crew with an excited General Officer and "Mo;;y Maid" (see below, if truth be told I found out that I have another two to be made too, already "in the loft"!): 

Finally the supporting arm (artillery) to my strange 25-28mm Malburian "late horse and musket" period army (or should that be plural) I have acquired (see below, I liked what I saw so much from these folks I put a second order in to Warlord for some more to "finish" (ha, if ever) the OoB off): 

Slowly eating away at the 28mm plastic pile of stuff needing to be put together before its wargaming destiny can be fulfilled.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

"Working on Something Quiet In the Background M'Lord" .. a bunch of Naked Gauls?

A picture says it better than a thousand words (see below, in their bare, naked plastic form - tooled up for action [er, going a bit Frankie Howard for my liking!]): 

Romans beware there are more of them coming (but this time partly dressed)!

Monday 10 May 2021

Warlord Games - Cybermen

The merciless killers of the Dr Who. A squad because simply one won't do they come in packs (see below washed and off the sprue .. tempted not even to paint them .. but I will): 

Something for the Daleks to shoot at! Good old fashioned Science Fiction fun!

Sunday 2 May 2021

Fettling Away at "Stuff"

I seem to have built up curious small piles of plastic chippings in my painting tray palette (see below, gold (Daleks), sand (Airfix new Tiger I), green (Airfix new Sherman Firefly) and grey (AWI and Malburian Artillery stands) .. and possibly more to come!): 

A sure sign I have been putting some plastic stuff together, but not necessarily in a focused fashion! The wargaming butterfly syndrome strikes again ;) 

Note: "Fettling" is a Yorkshire term for "buggering about" with stuff!

Saturday 1 May 2021

Daleks and "Why not?"

They are "the" iconic Sci-Fi, horror, cult, best of the BBC generation spanning "baddies". So when Warlord Games were selling some sprue off at half price it was a 'no brainer' (see below, the distinctive Dalek chassis is clearly visible alongside some equally 'unmissable' Warlord game "sales" sprue):  

With twelve Daleks you can pretty much take over the world, especially if you allow them to fly! Personally as a person brought up on the black and white telly I think that is cheating (see below, I am thinking various colour schemes are required from red, while, yellow, gold and black):  

As I am a heretical Sci-Fi person that freely mixes genres these can be thrown up against Space Marines, Star Trek, Star Wars to Traveller. The only limitation is your imagination,