Tuesday 28 May 2024

Never be bored as there is always basing to be done ..

My collection will never be finished, I know that, particularly the WWII one. However I do get a buzz from getting various bits to different stages .. basing is one of those stages (see below, Caesar miniatures are beautiful, but the more recent Italeri certainly give them a run for their money, as do Pegasus Hobbies, Plastic Soldier Company):

These dudes are some of my WWII Soviets and they are one stage along the production line. 

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Dunkirk 1940 the German View - Audible Book

Although I have not been posting I have been listening to "wargaming stuff" throughout February. I can highly recommend this book to get a much needed German perspective on the fighting around Dunkirk (see below, a valuable item to my understanding of the early 1940 campaigns): 

Like a lot of the factual Audible books I listen to, as soon as I was getting into it, I could not resist getting a hard copy - there was too much detail I knew I would want to go back to, even though it was still at a hardback price! That in itself is a complement to the quality and standard of the careful research that went into the book. The RAF got a better press than usual, as the German infantry also did not like being attacked from the air (no "superhuman" soldiers there) and the almost comical German command and control problems were highlighted.

Well worth the read if you can get it!

Monday 4 March 2024

Sad News: The Passing of Dr Peter Perla - The Art of Wargaming

It is old news, but it is sad and still significant news. Others say it far better than me: 



Wargaming Miscellany: 


Brian Train:


I had the pleasure of talking with Peter online at VCoW sessions and all I can say was that he gave freely of his time and was encouraging in the endeavours of all gamers, great and small.

He will be greatly missed, his words are worth reading and listening to, again and again.










He also published games, his last board game was: 



Oh and one last important thing, as Dr Perla said, it's spelled: "wargaming" and not "war gaming" despite what some spell checkers think. 

Accept no other!


Thursday 1 February 2024

Question to Fellow Bloggers: What to do About Bot Accounts sending Spam to the Comments Section of Posts?

This is bugging me. 

I moderate all comments so I see them coming in. An obvious Spam comments totally unrelated to the Post bit sneaking in a link to an "online gambling site". I click on the ID to see who the person is and it is obviously a Bot account. I click "Report Abuse" and say it is a Spam/Bot giving details. This all takes time. I get a "Thank You" (NoReply) email back from Google. No action seems to be taken though. They still dribble in and I am pretty sure I am seeing teh same accounts being used.

Anyone else suffering from the same scenario?

As I have "Moderation On" in my settings they don't make it through to the public page.

Slowly but surely it will fill blogs with Spam links. 

Is there a better way of reporting it to Google?  

Monday 29 January 2024

Audible Book: Victory at Sea - Paul Kennedy

A good general read of naval war in WWII, from the man who brought us Rise and Fall of the Great Powers. In fact how I came across this Audible version of this book (Victory at Sea), was because I was looking for an Audible version of "that" book (Rise and Fall). I was intrigued at his (Kennedy's) obvious obsession with WW2 naval power and the world wide implications of naval conflict. I listened to the sample and was hooked (see below, it gives a good all ocean coverage of WWII and I have to say "I learned a few new things" - although the editors should have picked up some silly errors [Hipper was not in the Channel Dash, but the Prince Eugen a Hipper class cruiser heavy, while accounting for RN CVs they had tallied the Furious sunk despite it surviving the war, getting confused with the loss of the Hermes I think], in the main it was wholesomely good and accurate [so I forgive the previous small errors], but I would double check specifics of ships to see if they are correct): 

As per what is now a recurring theme of my Audible purchases, if (as I usually do) I like the audio recording of the book I also end up getting a print copy too. It is a knowledge at your fingertips thing for me. Here, despite it being newly in print (so a relatively "expensive" treat) and despite it being in hardback, I really wanted it for the glorious watercolour artwork which beautifully accompanies it. If but only for that reason alone, the watercolour illustrations make it a beautiful book for the library shelf and thus I can whole heartedly recommend it.