Monday 29 August 2022

Discoveries in a Bookshop - British Recognition Plates (late 19th Century to WWII) and a Trireme Book

There is always something to be found in a bookshop, the more rambling the better and I particularly like the buzz you can get when you comes across something you thought could not possible exist. Hence the sheer joy I felt when touching a physical book like this one (see below, spoiler alert I could not justify the purchase, but I still love the thought that this book collection exists):

Seven volumes of illustrated warship plates exist (gulp which comprise Richard Perkins life's work). Something to compliment [perhaps dwarf would be be better phrased] my trio "Janes" [two volumes], "Conway" [three out of four volumes] and "Brown" [two volumes] warship collections - but ultra specific to the RN. In the (physical, sigh) book shop there were only three out of the seven volumes (but priced at £19.99 each which was so, so tempting). Back home, shopping around on Amazon and the like, I see you can get them cheaper than the Pen and Sword (even with there current discounted prices [approx £50]) but I think it might take some creative search energy to get the complete set. I was almost crying (inside, not in front of the children) leaving the store .. but hid it well. It was that "buy the set or nothing" moment.

There was a brighter note as I did purchase "something interesting" from the store, something pre "age of sail", back to those Greek trireme rowing days (see below, the selling factor being, albeit crude, the maps included inside - suitable for a stab at scenario creation or two): 

Something of an excuse or incentive for my 1/1200 Navwar trireme collection to come out to play sometime later this year or early next.  

Friday 26 August 2022

Sad Note to Self -- "Ah Bisto" computing (Googlemail) moment! Finding that pesky unread Googlemail Social email (At last)!

For many years I have had an annoying "1 Unread" email in my Social mail box - like an uninvited guest that does not want to go away. It did not unduly worry me (lie) but occasionally I did find it almost (as in very) annoying. A couple of times I started a manual search but broke off .. because I had a lot more better things to do in my short time left on planet earth!

Then one long dark night (ok, yesterday), I was pondering (as in fuming silently to myself), then a little help tip (I was desperate and types a random series of pleading words into the" Help bar") came to my aid and by using the magical incantation of category:social is:unread in the search bar (and holding a lucky rabbit's foot) .. stop press .. I got it! (see below, you too can search and experiment): 

And guess what. Yes. It was a totally unimportant email, from 2017 that was of no use to me, but I will sleep well tonight (in 2022)!


Wednesday 24 August 2022

While popping by "The Works", I spied...

I think a wargamer is always on the lookout for "useful items" which means a secretive game of "I spy" when prowling the shopping malls and charity shops of this world (see below, what I "bagged" from 'The Works' this week):  

I am thinking of destinations such as "Moscow, Stalingrad and Berlin", rather than the "North Pole" on the signpost (a decorative 28mm piece for an objective marker). The house though I think is destined to be a cluster (yes, a return visit is needed), and perhaps a snow clad topping or dark brown town with paths between and flocked base? The pegs on the other hand were hinted at as being "good counter and marker holders"! We shall see ... 

Thursday 11 August 2022

Interesting Podcast and Website: Naval History Podcast

This is a fascinating Podcast Series which sadly seems to have stalled at Episode 7. Well worth a listen to while it is still there.

It started off doing a very in depth analysis of ancient naval history. 

Tuesday 9 August 2022

The Influence of Seapower on History - Audible Book

Moving on with the Audible reads my next book is "The Influence of Seapower" (see below, a book I have heard so much about, but as yet not have had the time or opportunity to read - or in this case listen to): 

Interesting so far, a book of over 132 years old, but in many ways still relevant for understanding history - but a book also accused of propelling the world into World War One, through its affect on the Kaiser.

Monday 8 August 2022

Fire and Movement (BEF 1914) - Audible Book

Been listening to an Audible version of Fire and Movement (see below, it has been nicely filling up those little gaps between car journeys): 

Interesting because of the element of the uncharacteristic "war of movement" prior to "trench warfare" and dispelling certain myths about the BEF. The vital role the Indian Corps played was fascinating, much understated in other other histories I have read to date.