Tuesday 31 May 2016

Heavy Metal Robots

Technically 1/144 scale but they look OK for 28mm Science Fiction in my eyes, the "Fab 5" hunter-killer robot squad (see below):

Going  left to right along the back row Kodiak, King Cobra, two Grizzlys to the right and "little" Jaeger in the front row. Again something to scare unwary Space Marines ;)

Monday 30 May 2016

Last unmade GW Sci-Fi (Hive Tyrant) model assembled

This little critter had been hanging around in a box for years (literally) so I decided over this Bank Holiday to at least put it together (see below, a GW Finecast Hive Tyrant):

I went for the up close and personal "tearing arms and ripping claws" look as I have never appreciated the Tyranids long range bio-morph weaponry as it does not "honest Sci-Fi" IMHO. This beast is destined to jump out on unsuspecting (unless they read this blog) Space Marines wandering aimlessly around in Space Hulks ;)

And I thought I didn't do Space Marines

I thought I said I didn't really do Space Marines but then I had a "bargain shiny" moment in a charity shop as someone was obviously in discard mode and selling old unmade stuff at half price. Hence I start making these guys (see below, Black Templars):

Which became these thirteen "bad boys" (see below):

Then there were these five, Blood Angels Death Company,whatever that is (see below, shiny metal and plastic which brought on some interesting superglue moments):

Then there were some odds and sods in a cast off box, Scouts and left over parts to make three "unique" Space Marines (see below):

At the very end from the "spare box" the miscellaneous Frankenstein Space Marines even got their own (Space Marine signature) '1970's style shoulder pads' (see below):

But remember,I don't do Space Marines (other than one off Space Crusade game nights), yet somehow I have forty nine of them now, which means I guess I have no shortage odd painting projects ahead of me.

Hmm, I should really do that 1940 Battle of France Fairey Battle first!

Friday 27 May 2016

Chain of Command: Normandy (Part I)

A training scenario: A platoon of British infantry advance supported by armour (aka Winnie the Churchill Tank) meeting a platoon of German Panzer Grenadiers with armour backup (aha Timmy the Terrible Tiger).

After a disappointing Patrol Phase the Brits get a Squad on table, claiming the "high ground" in the middle of the table.Like a magnet this raws a German Panzer Grenadier Team opposite then (see below):

Both sides bring on their armour early, the Germans gaining a significant psychological edge with their Tiger (see below, after twenty years it finally makes it onto a 'live' wargaming table, its wargaming destiny is being fulfilled):

The Brits meanwhile hammer one section of the German Squad, shock and KIAs cause the German Senior Officer to come on as fast as he can to restore 'a sense of teutonic order' about things (see below, note this means leaving the two man team of Panzerschrekers playing cards in a bunker - they may be just a tad reluctant to come on later, who knows?):

Meanwhile the Tiger crawls forwards, cobered by another Panzer Grenadier Squad deployed in the French Farmhouses (see below):

The Brits have not been idle either as two full squads deploy in rough ground on their right and try to reduce the Gothic graveyard held by the final Panzer Grenadier Squad (see below):

Meanwhile the murderous firefight goes on in the middle leaving both sides 'shocked and KIA'ed' but just holding on.

To Be Continued ...

Saturday 21 May 2016

More 15mm Russians - PSC T34/76 and T34/85

The last "batch" of Russian vehicles were put together,the ubiquitous T34/76 (and T34/85 option). Something to stir fear and dread into any German Tanker or Landser (see below):

These 15mm kits go together so sweetly (and quickly) I am starting to curse my 20mm myopia for the last twenty years (see below):

It remains to be seen how quickly I can paint them. Given the option between Zvezda and PSC, I would say quality (detail) wise Zvezda has the drop on PSC but PSC has more durable 'harder' plastic. Zvezda "snap together" very sweetly, no glue strictly needed although I use liquid poly for "insurance purposes".

Monday 9 May 2016

Something different ... 20mm Zvezda WWI Russians

Why? Er ,,,

I am sure I will find a reason at some point .. until then, because they looked kinda cute sitting on the shelf ;)

Thursday 5 May 2016

15mm Madness Continues .. Pocket Money Toys

Now that my interest is "spiked" (as in active) in 15mm I am drawn to the 'Zvezda stands' in model shops. On a recent visit to Nottingham I acquired a KV2 (top left, a chunk beast), a T-26 (top right, delicate but both beautiful and easy to assemble), a BA-10 Armoured Car (bottom right, which was/is a 'work of miniature construction 'art' - very, very impressed) and finally a Matilda II (bottom left) which will probably be sporting Russian colours. Incredibly they snap together, although this time I also applied "liquid glue" ("Plastic Weld" which is well suited as it is very runny and slips into the cracks nicely). You probably spied my Russian leanings at the moment, I just love that 'wacky' Early War stuff (see below):

Still to come out of their boxes are the PSC 15m Russian T34's, Infantry and Heavy Weapons plus AT guns. I am just fascinated with the Zvezda range as they seem to be bringing out all sorts. I saw a M3 Lee in Russian colours, plus Russian Trucks and Stalin's Organs! Yes I will eventually catch up with the Germans too. Once upon a time 15mm was metal, criminally expensive for the numbers you needed but now its "cheap as chips" :)

The idea for the BT-'s and T-26's is to eventually field large formations (a dirty dozen plus - encroaching on my Action 200 Skytrex territory but they are too nice). Who knows I may play Flames of War yet! They are also "cool" for a ton of other rule sets too ;)