Thursday 30 March 2017

Something to "lighten-up" the desk at work: Klingon Battle Cruiser

One advantage of working in IT is the high level of Sci-Fi appreciation. So in honour of the SCRUM team that named itself as culturally "Klingon" (yes they are 'interesting') I brought in a Star Trek genre, Klingon Battle Cruiser (see below):

It went down well! As a bonus in my downtime I can day dream my way into my own set of 'Trekie' space ship battle rules.

PS: I prefer this to the smaller Klingon "Bird of Prey". Call me 'Old School'.

Monday 13 March 2017

More Foot Sergeants - 28mm FireForge

Seeing as I was down a few crossbowmen for my Renaissance Army I made up 24 FireForge Foot Sergeants as crossbowmen (see below):

The remaining 24 were a combination of Spear, Battle Axe, Sword and Mace. Excellent figures (see below, another gamer noted their potential usefulness for Frostgrave):

Need another box of these ;)

Friday 10 March 2017

Audible Book: Neptune's Inferno - Guadalcanal WW2 Pacific 1942-43

The naval aspect of WWII in the Pacific keeps drawing me in. If Midway was a critical hinge then Guadalcanal seemed to be point where "the turning of the tide" inexorably moved the way of the Allies (or at this point the US). Attritional in nature, intense, with both sides making numerous terrible mistakes of strategic and tactical, new technology (such as radar) both used to good effect and terrible inept "missed opportunities" the outcome was never pre-destined, but the US prevailed. Neptune's Inferno was a good but terrifying read (see below):

I need to dig out my copy of "The Tokyo Express" and get back to painting those 1/3000 Navwar ships!

Thursday 9 March 2017

Dreaming Big - Maximilian Renaissance Army List 1499-1518

Dream Big: Laid out in "card bases" (suitable for 28/25mm figures) as per the Impetus Rules. I give you "The Maximilian Imperial Renaissance Army List 1499-1518" (see below, note that's not a small carpet it's on!):

And (sadly) this is the (small) portion I have managed to paint over the last decade, but on the upside I have had fun (see below):

Compare the above to when the ensemble includes the lead mountain (see below, approximately 50% of the potential full army):

You will know what I'll be doing for the next twenty years (if given the chance)!

Friday 3 March 2017

Foot Sergeants (FireForge) The first "few" of the "many" 28mm

The 'plastic mountain' is being attacked. The next box of 'sexy 28mm plastics" under scrutiny is the "foot" equivalent of the Mounted Sergeants, the humble "Foot Sergeant". As a complusary Impetus 'Crusader Army' maneouver element the "crossbows" are assembled first (see below):

I am planning to mount six to a base (2 x Trained Crossbow), needing two for the army minimum, leaving enough in the pack of forty four to assemble the four compusary (FP) Foot Sergeants, again mounting six to a base. As there are ten figures left over I could even up the figure count to eight a base if necessary wrt the Foot Sergeants, all depending on how the aethetics of the base looks!

Footnote: The more I look at my current FireForge boxes, rather than looking to the Holy Land the boxes point to a Teutonic interest. The "good" news theer is that their enemies (Mongols) come in "Plastic Box Sets"! Hmm, a cunning plan is forming in my tinty mind ;)

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Missing "Back Four" Found - 28mm Mounted Sergeants (FireForge)

Handed back to me by my errant son, the four Sergeants-At-Arms were made, finally armed in the end with short spears (see below):

I had toyed briefly with the thought of geting four metal mounted handgunner figures from Redoubt Enterprises (and there is still the chance that I may) but looking at these I am hoping to fit them into a Renaissance army .. but looking at the army lists they seem more Crusades. Am I branching out (again) should realy just paint them first and then decide ;)