Sunday, 1 May 2022

Vietnam 20mm ACav M113 [JB Models]

I seem (understatement) to have been somewhat distracted last month(or months) with the Ukrainian-Russian War being constantly on the news and Easter holiday travel find time to actually get round to regular blogging. Plus the added pain of too much screen-time associated with home working making extra time at a computer be a bit of a bore. This is a pity, as I think (my) blogging is more a question of relaxation habit - off loading ideas and accomplishments, definitions of "done for now and move on" than a finalised artistic product (such as paid/free electronic-digital content). Preamble over (more for my benefit than anyone else) I have "out of the blue" painted up a Vietnam M113 that I have had lying around for ages (see below, for "ages" read over a decade): 

Quite please with tis knock up paint job, decals as ever to come later. It is a 1/72 JB Models (a mould that at one time was taken up by Airfix I believe) that will constitute part of my "armoured response troop" for Vietnam skirmish rules (which I am not sure yet: Jim Webster's "Hell by Daylight", Buckle for Your Dust and home-brew are all options at this moment.


Jim Jackaman said...

That looks great..just the right shade of green.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Jim
If there are fifty shades of grey then there must be one hundred and one ways to do green!