Monday, 15 November 2021

ACW Musings and Distractions

My recent wargaming discovery is that of the late Paddy Griffith, his literature and his life's work in games (courtesy of the gentlemen of Wargames Developments and The History of Wargaming Project) (see below, two of his most inspirational books, let the reading begin):  

On the back of this inspirational reading I decided to finally try and paint up some of the Warlord Games ACW (Epic Scale) ACW I had purchased over the last year of lock-down. To help me I followed the following painting tutorial for inspiration (there are tons available, not even sure the one I ended up using is in amongst this lot:



And in Spanish: 

Yes, the first pilot was significantly over painted (as is always the case)! So it is one ten man sprue down only 239 to go (gulp)! Time to have a look at the Union troops now ;) 


Martin Rapier said...

Good luck Mark. I keep looking at the second hand Baccus ACW army I bought a few years ago, then putting it back in its box. Slowly working up to painting the thing.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Yes Martin I agree, keeping the momentum going (rinse and repeat - blue and grey) without it getting monotonous is the key .. without it seeming like hard labour ;)

"Just do it" as the advert says.