Thursday, 11 November 2021

Let We Forget

The local church memorial (see below, each one a locally knitted poppy): 

If it stops and makes you think then I think it has done its job.


Bankinista said...

From the very outset let me make it totally clear that I am in no way anti remembrance day. I fully support the British Legion and everything it does and do believe we should all remember the fallen and wounded, particularly as wargamers. In theory, we should have a better understanding of this than Joe Public. However, I think the same thing every year. At what point should history kick in​? We do not honour those involved in the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War or the Boer War. (Or even more recent events like the Mau-Mau rebellion although that is probably for political reasons.) How many local memorials even mention those who fell in Korea or Northern Ireland? Numerically there is no comparison to casualties in either world war but explain that to Mrs Smith whose husband died in “a small insignificant affair.” Will the two world wars eventually become history? Will the wars be remembered 500 years from now? Every soldier in history was a son, possibly husband, brother and so on. I’ve no answers myself but just pose a point to ponder on.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Totally agree and really respect with your well written words Bankinista

Not repeating the mistakes of history and presenting history in-non biased light is a key theme of interest in the wargaming hobby, to me at least/

The fact that we play both side is key.
I think the Exiles wargaming club had it very right when we played one game at a club meeting and it very much became a talking point in the bar afterwards,

Raising a glass to all the games we've played together in the past (including "The Fish Game")