Sunday, 12 December 2021

A13 Mk II British Cruiser Tank: 10mm Pendrakon

Time to see how this little fella paints up. Recently picked up from the Battleground 2021 Stockton Show from Pendrakon miniatures(see below, the early war Western Desert Force, the precursor to the famous 8th Army): 

I am keen to build up an early war British force to face against my painted Italians, probably using Sam Mustafa's Rommel as a set of rules. I also have some 8th Army Infantry to paint up. First I should check out what tanks were with the 7th Armoured at this time.

Additional source of inspiration for this Western Desert Force project scenarios courtesy of Bob Mackenzie's website:
Orders of Battle and Command Decision Websites:


Martin Rapier said...

Always liked the A13. In a fit of insanity I once scratch build a 1/35th scale one!

We've done quite a few early war desert battles based on the scenarios in Frank Chadwick "Benghazi Handicap". 7th Armoured had A9, A10, A13 and Vickers Lights (plus Matildas) in this period.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Martin, that gives me all the excuses I need to go and safely get a troop each of the of A9, A10 and A15 variants, plus the blessed little Light Mk VI's :)

Looking at for Beda Fomm, it looks like I need 24 Italian tanks to 6 British .. so I may have to restock on Italians side

Thanks for the reference to Frank Chadwick's Benghazi Handicap .. I bet there is some good material there .. as this point I am regretting "passing on" my Command Post (Command Decision) booklets (I think I had the first five or six, definitely the one with Afrika Corp OoB in it) some twenty seven years ago when I thought I was "finished with wargaming" - thankfully I never let myself grow-up ;)

I don't think you can beg steal or borrow them now

Need to research some more on the early battle ;) The Western Dessert Force Period seems fascinating!

Martin Rapier said...

I think that sadly Benghazi Handicap is out of print now and hard to obtain. You do need a fair amount of Italian stuff, a mix of CV33, M11/39 and M13/40. The units are all quite small though.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That Italian kit has a certain "clanky tank" charm ;)
Not forgetting the light L6 tanks
They seemed to have a rather large Flak Gun that looked awfully like an 88
The "cannone 90/53"