Monday, 13 December 2021

Midway Aerial Combat - Warlord Games Starter Set

I hummed and hared and at first said "no" (with a surprising almost believable inner voice), as I was already collecting the same period in a different wargaming scale 1/144 (or should I really say scales, as on a stock-check I also had kits in 1/72 - for a separate more "modelling" based project - but not for air combat, despite what Airfix will have you think). Then I took another look at the contents of the box and the expansions in progress (sigh) and saw all the models I had not been able to yet collect (and did not really know how I was going to collect [Devastators, Kates and Vals]). So my inner self laughed at me and said "I was only kidding!" (see the result below, I am now the proud owner of a mighty Midway Air Combat Box although gawd only knows when I will be able to get round to paint them):

I already have my eyes on the USN Bomber pack for a Xmas present! 


Simon said...

You should have just said no!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

What can I say .. I am weak