Friday 15 September 2023

Battle of Britain 1940: Remembering the Battle through a Board Game

When considering the Battle of Britain I am always thrown back to the epic 1969 film which captures the mood perfectly, the authentic (well near enough) actual flying machines (pre-dating CGI with scale models when they had to blown up) and the sheer scale of the battle for me - including the bombing of Duxford aerodrome (see below, "Repeat Please" as the Polish pilots unofficially join the fight and thank God they did): 

The Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) did a revamp of the (Airfix?) boardgame and I even managed to paint most of the planes for the board game (see below, the start of the campaign, Kanalkampf - I still have a few German planes still to paint!):  

We managed to stumble through a turn, with heavy attractional losses for the Luftwaffe and big recovery problems for the RAF (see below, damaged RAF planes radar stations and an airfield, but a mass of Luftwaffe planes did not make it back to France):  

Definitely needs a longer revisit [probably three hours+ to do it justice]/ I think the key to a successful game is playing following the German historical sequence of attack by arranging the Mission Cards - historically, rather than drawn semi-randomly as suggested by the rules. In its purest form it needs to be played double blind with a White Control Room and added atmosphere!

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