Friday 3 November 2023

Corruptible - Audible Audio Book

Never mind the Halloween Horrors [Freddie, The Exorcist, Poltergeist are wimps compared to the everyday human potential to do wrong], if you really want to scare yourself silly then read Corruptible by Brian Klaas. Does 'Power Corrupt'? Does 'Power Corrupt' or 'Do Corruptible and/or Corrupt people seek Power'? The answer seems to be a bit of both, well a lot of both - but there are examples of selfishness under duress that ease the soul (see below, a recommended listen/read to all - I was so fascinated I also got a physical copy too just to check up on a few references): 

Spoiler alert: It seems that even though the answer is yes to both of the above, there is still a hope for us. If you make 'systems of power' totally transparent [so it is hard and/or obvious that if people "cheat" they will be caught and subject to open punishment] and people powerful people are totally accountable and impacted for their actions .. yes, those right at the top, not 'creeping out' the lower minions by being Big Brother .. spend your time and energy checking  up on the people who can make really big scores out of bad behaviour .. then we may just have a chance, albeit a tiny one, to evolve past our worst selves! 


Martin Rapier said...

That is why democracy is so much more than just ticking a box ever five years, it is about transparency and accountability. Something that Johnson and the rest of the Brexiteer crowd loathe. I never really thought we were living in a corrupt country until 2016, despite it being awash with Russian gangster money, but watching the antics of the in crowd as they asset strip the country, blame foreigners for all our woes while pretending they are rebels, makes me sick.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I feel your pain
De-rail from transparency and accountability
Then there is the devil to pay