Friday 10 November 2023

Ghosts of the Jungle .. More Nam Figures .. (1/72, 20mm, 1/76)

When you are preparing for a game like "Ghosts of the Jungle" (allegedly a player cooperative play game, which also means you can be left at the mercy of other players "intelligent" decisions), there are always the game "odds and ends" you need to paint up .. just to oil the mechanics and make-up "special events" or have in the "background". They are typically not the sexy, sexy exciting figures that jump onto the painting table, but they have an important game function to do. For example, a VC truck (on loan to North Vietnam from the USSR, via the Plastic Soldier Company WWII Russian transport collection) to terrorise anybody trying to cross a seemingly deserted jungle track in the game, a couple of VC figures who can nicely fit in the back of said truck [of ESCI/Italeri 1/72 VC origins - waiting to be painted for some twenty years], some (as in eight) Platoon 20 Villagers [who under the game the mechanics could turn into VC], eight Platoon 20 SAS LRRP soldiers [OK they are pretty sexy, but were an upgrade from the US LRRP that I was previously using] and finally a downed helicopter pilot, in wounded and walking poses (see below, the primed and Vallejo brown washed ready for the "real" painting to start): 

It is "good for the soul" when you get figures at least to this stage ;) 


Martin Rapier said...

Yes, it is good to get the figures in a state to be painted. The prep can be monumentally tedious sometimes.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

At least I can multi-task when you are prepping and dipping!

rross said...

A quick question if I may - you mention the Liberation Models figures - is that company still in business? I have bought from Rolf in the past but have emailed several times over 18 months but received no response....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello rross
The "Platoon 20" Australian SAS came from: East Front Miniatures

I didn't know about the Liberation Models figures
I will have to take a look as they are interesting, especially for moderns (which seems a relative word in wargaming these days)

Best Wishes