Monday, 15 February 2010


The painting brushes have stayed firmly rooted in the jam jar so far in February. A few figures have been meekly looked at but the room (man cave) is just so full  of clutter at the moment some serious sorting (nay a good Spring clean) is needed.

Nevertheless I have increased my stock of figures. I gave in to some long standing "figure lusting" and ordered via Hannants (UK) some plastic figures that had continually caught my attention. My only defence is that one packet in particular was of a limited edition and soon sure to disappear. They are:


They came and I was amazed at their quality. Already pre-cut from the sprue in a resealable plastic bag which is nice, minimal flash (if any) and the most complete range of partisan figures I will ever need. Excellent detail. Already I am looking forward to painting them :) 

I'll have to schedule them in straight after the Platoon 20 WWII British Infantry figures. I am eyeing Caesar Miniatures for additional purchases for their more standard infantry ranges. They certainly give the more expensive metals a good run for their money!


Paul said...

Good skills mate, sometimes you have to go with the urge.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I certainly have no regrets on this one. The metal equivalent would have been £50 and for less than a quarter of the cost I got a better deal.

I am eyeing up the modern insurgents/terrorists from Caesar Miniatures as a prospective next buy, sssh!

David said...

caesar detail is great and i have the painted partisans- the bottom picture on my blog