Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Taking stock in February

Gosh, what happened to January, answers on a postcard?
Not a brush was picked up and barely a dice rolled in anger.
It is good to see so many other bloggers have been busy though :)

February has started just as busy but nevertheless it is time to prioritise my hobby projects

The must finish from 2009:
  • The "CrossFire" 20mm Platoon20 Late WWII Infantry Company + "Odds and Sods"
The brown chaps at the front need some attention, before I forget how I painted them

There is the much needed company supports (2" Mortar team[s] and a Vickers HMG), a heavy battalion 81mm Mortar, an engineer(?) stand and a few extra (to the '44 company Order of Battle) infantry.

  •  The French WWII Fleet in 1/3000
A background interest/project for me is twentieth century naval (WW1 and WW2), the French Fleet being something long looked at for campaign completeness sake in the Med

Lying at berth in harbour, battleships new and old. Some done but many off table to complete.

A close-up of the Strasbourg

I have not as yet decided how best to base these 1/3000 ships, if they really need basing at all. Not forgetting the hypothetical Narvik battle to complete 

New in 2010:
  • The Pacific War (Naval) in 1/3000 starting from a Xmas present, more of this to come :)


Yori said...

I like your battleships. Great stuff!

GEM Team said...


Paul said...

Great to see you back!

I have been missing your postings.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

And I've been missing the chance to post, next stop a bit of "wargaming action"

I must add to my list of heroic defeats ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Lots more French WWII cruisers still to do

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The "new" Tommies must be done

A nice "heavy weapons" section Vickers MMG, 50mm and 81mm mortars