Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I'm excited: New releases Airfix 2010

Well it doesn't take much, so on the back of those James May Xmas "Golden Era" boys toy programmes:

What Airfix promises this year :)

The 1/72 Fairey Battle is high up on my list
This poor quality aircraft has always held a fascination for me

All this new excitement considering I have yet to see 2009's favourites in a model shop near me :(

HMS Warspite

HMS Iron Duke
(Or maybe I should pop in more)


GEM Team said...

i'm looking forward for the figures a dioramas.

Can't wait

Daddy Grognard said...

Just after Christmas, I went with the family to Hobbycraft; I remember saying "Hobbies? Hah, it's all making pictures of cats out of beads these days, not like it was in the olden days when we had real hobbies" and then on the first floor, right at the back, there they were - row upon row of Airfix, Tamiya, Italieri, and suddenly I was twelve again. They even had Robin Hood and Sherriff of Nottingham sets. And Humbrol paints.


In only a couple of years, Junior Grognard will be nearly nine and more than ready to try his hand at a Spitfire. If he has the patience, that is.

Next time I'm there, I'll see if Iron Duke and Warspite are in.

EY said...

Nothing against Airfix, but outside of a passing interest for the Bedfords I didn't find much of note. What really has me drooling is Hobby Boss' announcement of the Dora Railway Gun in 1/72!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello EY,

I would have questioned your sanity with even the thought of a 1/72 scale version of Dora had I not already known of the existance of a 1/35 scale kir retailing at £420

At least I hope to own a Fairey Battle ;)

Or if madness takes me a flight of three :)

Fraxinus said...

Airfix Valiant, canadair sabre, buccaneer, 1/48 sea vixen, mew mould spit mk1, me110, re released Hampden, FW 189 & BV141, 1/48 Lynxes....loads of goodies for us aircraft nuts...not much on the tank front admitedly & have obtained Warspite & Iron Duke already. Just think tho, building the Airfix vulcan, Matchbox/revell Victor and now an Airfix Valiant just get all 3 on the ceiling!!!!