Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day Present

After much hinting (a careful fortnight campaign of orchestrated name dropping to my two eldest children: "Ahem, Daddy wants a Spitfire") and the availability of the said Airfix kit in a leading Supermarket chain meant I got what I wanted :)

And some Toblerlone milk chocolate to boot, so I am chuffed! I don't believe I ever had this model as a kid. I certainly had the early MkIa and I'm pretty sure I had the MkIX version too but somehow I missed out the Mk Vb, perhaps because to my young eyes it looked too much like the Mk IX with the 20mm cannon.All I can say is that I know better now.

The chocolate now consumed, the Spitfire (with its circa 1974 mould) to look forward to making. Time to reclaim a "painting tray" area as the house move looks to be put on hold.


Bard said...

Always great to get what you want -- have fun building the Spitfire!

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Ahhh, the sigh for a Merlin!

Great prezzie and with chocolate as well!

All the best,


Al said...

Good score Geordie, I actually have a spit

Tim Gow said...

Good result! I never had this kit either (I built the trusty Mk IX, as did we all...) - rather worryingly I still think of the Mk Vb kit as rather 'new fangled'.

Ray Rousell said...

My Father in Law wanted a model for Fathers Day, he's retired and bored. So we got him an Airfix Curtis Kitty Hawk, that should sort him out!! trouble is he'll probably want me to paint it!!!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks for all the comments :)

If I remember correctly the Spitfire MkVb was a Series 2 Airfix "new fangled" kit (a bit like that "expensive - for pocket money at least- ME109E "Emile") which cost more than the Series 1, Spitfire Mk1 or MkIX (and the Series 1 ME109G "Flying Fortress Buster").

As a kid I thought all fighters should be Series 1 and through these reasons of economy and principle never bought Series 2 fighters.

Re: Curtis Kitty Hawk, tropical Western Desert air force colours or the exotic US Flying Tigers of China? I think I would go for the desert myself ;)