Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Battleship Row (Part Two) One down, three to go

The first Tudor battleship has now sailed away in the basic starter set colour scheme, festooned with "ever so colourful but tricky decals" and has now taken its rightful place in my daughters classroom. She did a pretty competent paint job all things considered and I only had to step in towards the end with the decals (see below):

I was keeping pace with my daughters ship and intend to "keep working away" on mine to put in a little extra detail, including trying out some experimental (well for me) Vallejo "inks and washes" (see below):

My son's project has a later hand in date and his kit stands painted in the basic scheme but pre-decal stage, which again I will have to step-in and help (see below):

Meanwhile the main mast went up on HMS Victory and the 'basic' paint coverage was completed. Still have to apply the rear decal yet (see below):

Still unsure how much use HMS Victory would be as a wargame "element". I cannot envisage forming a fleet of "Victory" clones. The closest I can think to a use is a naval gunfire marker in the Siege of Toulon, any better ideas out there?


Service Ration Distribution (Hobby) said...

Nice work there. I'm half way through (like with every project, it seems) doing a waterline 64 gun 3rd rate in 20mm with the usual compromises for wargaming. Plan: to use as something to retreat to in some future Peninsular game...but a gunfire marker is a good idea too.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

20mm Third Rate 64 Gunner sounds a very big model and lots of rigging!